Careful What You Say To The Press (Esp If You Mention Sex)

I usually won't bother with writing about tabloid-ish articles from our #1 most read newspaper but this one really ticks me off.
I've got more important things to do like boycotting every Israel-linked consumer product in protest of the commando attacks, eating all the roti canai & kolo mee I can before subsidies are removed & betting legally on England losing the world cup.

A few days ago, I read this in the news (Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex), laughed out loud &, after some thought, shook my head in disappointment.
After receiving a Tokoh NILAM award I believe it was to recognise his outstanding achievements in extensive reading & not his achievements in education as reported in the newspaper, a teacher attributes his energy of being active in school activities to having sex with his wife every night.
The press had a good time with his statement.
They didn't even mention why or how he deserved the award.
I dropped this memory into the Recycling Bin of my brain because his method was moronic, pathetic & prehistoric.

I was happily living my sexless life so sad... until I read this in the news (Don’t read too much into hubby’s book and sex story, says wife).
The wife & children have stepped up to defend the teacher's statement by calling it "honest".
However, as a BM teacher & a person who has read 1000+ books, he should have been able to articulate it better.

I think this was probably what happened at the award ceremony.
First, the press asked him how he found time to read the 1000+ books he had at home.
He probably said that every night he reads one with his wife & have intellectual conversations.
Then, he probably made a cheeky joke about having sex later.
The reporters had a good laugh & may or may not have led him to elaborate on how the nightly sex has helped him stay energetic at work & all the raunchy stuff that you see in the first article.
Now, as in the latest article, his family has to come in to salvage his reputation.

As a teacher myself, I am very embarrassed by this article.
The prestige & perceived professionalism of the teaching profession has just been brought down a notch.
I don't want to be associated with having sex every night.

I want to be associated with passion, determination & following the heart.
Such values inspire people & especially students to reach greater heights in life.

Besides, you don't have to have sex every night to be energetic at work.
If you enjoy your work & are passionate about making a difference, you will naturally be energetic.
No need coffee. No need tongkat ali. No need sex.
Just pure natural endorphins, adrenaline & sheer determination.

I wish that he had been less honest but more wise with his choice of words.
Why read & have nightly intellectual conversations before sex when you do not use your intellectual conversation skills when it matters most?

We all have something to learn from this...
Teachers, either don't talk to the press or be careful what you say to the press (especially if you mention sex).


  1. =)

    btw i read this!

    caught my eye!

  2. well, how should I say this. the article is kinda embarrassing? I mean, for a teacher to say that?

    Sure, u have sex nightly and yr brain somehow boost to its maximum potential, but there are things that should be and shouldn't be said to the public, eh?

    Anyways thanks for many insightful blog entries. You have been 1 of my many inspiration. =D

  3. Anonymous9/6/10 18:47

    Disgraceful - I can imagine that it has to be a quickie everytime as he would need the time to read 1,000 books...or don't tell me he does both simultaneously which brings me to the question of the quality of both things that he does.

    It really reflects the shallow mentality of "those people" - that's about all they have in their minds - sex! Even if it is true, he did not have to declare to the whole world...and at an award presentation ceremony some more. And I can imagine what he does in class - catching up on loss sleep. Hey! Haven't you noticed that's exactly what "those people" do all the time in school?

    If I were still a teacher, I wouldn't want to get that award ever - everybody would think that I do nothing else other than have sex every night. Eyew...

  4. Steph: "Sex" caught your eye, innit?

    Pika: Thanks! =)

    Arthur: yeah~~ What's the point of reading so much, right?

  5. I sort of sympathize with the man.
    But then again, he should have known better.

    Very helpful this article thanks. Will remember to be careful the next time I am interviewed by the press ;)


  6. To be frank, I don't see why people should be so quick to judge him negatively. All I see is, he's a happy man who is very open with a healthy relationship and an amazing sex life that has kept him happy and active through his years of teaching and marriage. Really, how that is that a bad thing at all?

  7. Sarah: Yeah~~ The press are mean malicious slithery snakes.

    June: For someone well-read, he was overly blunt with what he said & the press took full advantage of it.
    Imagine if an Engineering student (I'm guessing you're studying Engineering) told the press that sex every night with his wife helped him become a great student. How would you feel?

  8. Anonymous11/7/10 01:01

    i thought the same thing too... that was so immature


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