Hostel Olympics 2012: Games @ SMK Katibas

I've never shared this event on my blog before & since it's a big event organised by the smallest but most hardworking board of the school, I thought I should pay tribute to the effort put in by a few key individuals with big hearts.
Not enough is being done by the system to recognise small people who actually do things that make a big difference. They usually endorse big events with big budgets that bear little fruit. Doesn't make sense? Well, think of it as a big shiny rug where all the **** gets swept under.

I could go on & on but that's not important.
Life goes on & somebody has got to be the mule.
Some people have the yoke forced on them.
Very few choose to grab the yoke & put it on themselves.
Are they fools for doing so? Ask the students.

Background Information
Our school has never had Sports Day & since every student is a hostel student, the incumbent Chief Warden took the initiative to organise a sports event for the students in 2010. It was a huge success.
When I became Chief Warden in 2011, I decided to continue the tradition.

The SMK Katibas Hostel Olympics has been held annually for the past 3 years. The main objective is to find & develop athletes to represent the school. Secondary objectives include: team building, promoting active lifestyles, JERIS & exposing students to different sports. It has been conducted in 2 phases:
  1. Games - May
  2. Track & Field - October
This year, the students were equally divided into 4 Houses of different colours by yours truly.
I made sure that each house had an equal amount of school athletes & students of each Form. (Not lopsided as it was under the incumbent who was bent on winning everything & anything by hook or by crook! hahaha~~)

This year, the students participated in 4 games.
Boys: Futsal, Volleyball & Sepak Takraw.
Girls: Futsal, Volleyball & Netball.
Previously, we also had Handball for both genders & 12-a-side Football for the boys instead of Futsal.

Each team accumulates points for their house according to their position in the individual competitions.
The houses will be ranked via their total points from the Games tournament as well as the Track & Field tournament.
During the Hostel Dinner at end of the year, the overall winners are announced with a big hamper for every house.

Hostel Olympics 2012: Games
Launched by the Principal on a Friday afternoon, the games continued until Sunday afternoon.
Yes, no weekend for us mules.
Boys' Futsal
The boys were really good at futsal & it was very enjoyable to watch.
Boys' Volleyball
Volleyball was of a very high quality as well.
I was very pleasantly surprised to see a few trouble-maker students who had never played volleyball before put down their ego to play in the team, embarrass themselves & encourage each other to stay focused. Sports really does build character.
Sepak Takraw
Not as many aerial stunts as would be expected but one student could do it particularly well & it was a joy to watch him defy gravity. Made me want to do it too!
Girls' Futsal
I've always found it amusing to watch girls play futsal.
I just LOLed through most of it. Lots & lots of fundamental fumbles.
Girls' Volleyball
Volleyball was a lot better. Some of the girls could dig very well.
However, you still get the blur case who constantly misses the ball completely or daydreams. In the end, she'll get really afraid of the ball & a team-mate has to rush in to rescue her. LOL.
Probably the most aggressive game in the tournament. The girls were really muscling each other & giving it their all.
In the end, the team with the tallest girls won. Unfortunately, I happened to put them all in the same house. Not mine though so don't blame me for being unfair. It was their luck. Plus, the kids here are short.
The Mules
From left: Me (Chief Warden), Gomez (PKKK), ZinnFei (Organising Chairperson), Flo (Prefects), Tim (Cameraman), Suan (Referee) & Orben (Referee)
For the Games tournament, my house was on top of the table.
Obviously, I invested so much into them. We started training way before any other house did. I set a target with them before the tournament. I told them early on what mindset they should bring into the games. I cheered them on all the way. I rewarded them for their hardwork even before the results were announced. I could see a difference in my students.
We deserved to win.
And now, to conquer the Track & Field tournament in October!

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