Featured in The Star - 30 May 2012

Note: click on the picture to read the article
I just arrived in KK from the Philippines when I received a text from a good friend of mine exclaiming, "You are a star!" Bewildered, I replied with a "What?!".

About a week ago, I answered an email interview from a journalist at The Star, Mdm Tan EeLoo. This is her article about me. I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE.
The adjectives & descriptions are her own opinions of me & my work.

When I got home to Kuching, I flipped open my dad's copy of the newspaper. Lo & behold, there I was in colour! I look so good... Photoshop really does wonders.
You can also read it online here.

In the larger photo is my colleague, Royston Sihas, who is a work machine completing tasks & assignments like a robot on steroids giving 100 & 10 percent all the time!
I have grown to appreciate & welcome his presence in our struggle for literacy amongst the students. We are like-minded when it comes to our profession.

I am very proud of my work but I do not seek publicity for it. I do not think that I am any more creative than the average teacher. I am just doing my best in the worst situation.
Anyway, I'm too tired to think too much or write too much about this.
Just can't wait to read what EeLoo has to say this Sunday!

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