Webinar: What I Learned about Education Disparity on a Train Across the USA

Look at me waving my jedi hand at the attendees.
This was my first webinar ever! **gasp** **wipes tears**
Note to self: Get a HD webcam for future webinars. Get a haircut too.
In a nutshell, I talked about:
1) My train journey across the US. 2) What I learned. 3) How the topic relates to Malaysia.

As promised, here's a recording of the webinar:
Feel free to use the Discus board below if you have any questions!

Here are the sides I used:

The webinar was organised by TEDBET = Teacher Development for Beginning English Teachers (TEDBET) is an official MELTA Special Interest Group that caters exclusively for beginning teachers of English in Malaysia. It aims to assist new teachers to connect with their peers all over the country and provide access to ELT experts from MELTA.

I presented alongside Mohana Ram Murugiah who completed his Masters degree at the University of Nottingham and is currently serving as a Guru Cemerlang' at the Methodist GIrls' School, Ipoh. In his webinar, he shared some of the ELT ideas he has been developing & using in his classroom.

Honestly, it has a harrowing experience. I was really nervous & was worried about everything: the way I looked, the sound of my voice, whether my slides were good enough, whether the information was useful, whether anyone would be tuning in... I was going nuts the hours before the webinar! Now that I've had the experience of being recorded on live video, I can't stop but wonder about what's next. Short videos are definitely the medium of the future. Maybe I'll produce more video content. Maybe. Time will tell. =)

Thank you, Warid Mihat, the TEDBET team & MELTA for this opportunity! It was an honour!

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