The Day I Got 1000 Likes On FB

Wowzies! An amazing milestone for a jungle teacher.
On 31 July 2012, I created an FB Page.
I did it because I felt people wanted to hear my opinion & see what I'm doing in the jungle. At times, a few people would be asking me the same thing at the same time. I'm not that patient to explain everything to them bit by bit. I'd rather say, go read this link. lol.

It would also be an awesome portfolio for my work & a bite-sized complement to my blog where I am more elaborate than many are willing to read. lol.
Initially, I wanted it to be a place I could share some short & sweet quips on current issues as well as a storehouse for all my activity photos since 2012. (I will upload photos from 2009-2011 when FB comes up with a more user-friendly upload interface for large amount of pictures. At the moment, it is a pain to upload large volumes of photos AND arrange it chronologically.)

Nowadays, my page has evolved into a live discussion & a platform for collaboration. It is also where I share picture quotes I like, articles worth sharing, grammar tips & motivating messages. I am also moving towards promoting the work of other teachers who may not be internet savvy but hard-working & sincere with what they are doing at school.
Let me make it known to you that there are plenty of unsung heroes slaving it out for the children of Malaysia in your neighbourhood schools. They may be introverts. They may not be the ones smiling for the camera. But they are there & they need your support. Consider them. Remember them. Love them. I want to reach out to these teachers. I hope that you will too.

I'm pretty sure that having a page like this would make me look like I'm blowing my own horn or being narcissistic or showing off.
Honestly, I might be. Let me explain. I do not think that I am any better than the average teacher in your average school. I have never proven myself in a challenging urban school. I think that the students in SMK Katibas are an awesome bunch that are just darlings to teach. Please don't start calling me names that I do not think I deserve.

However, I've done so much work where I am & I am really really proud of the work that I've done & am doing because it's something that nobody else has done or is willing to do in such a situation. I'm proud to be able to say I've done more than my fair share for the children of the Katibas region.
THAT is what I am blowing my horn about... Actions. Not just mere rhetoric or pompous self praise but ACTION. It does, after all speak louder than words.

A large majority of my students & their parents do not have Internet access so I'm guessing that the likes were from fellow teachers & the general public.
Thank you. It gives me comfort to know that there are people out there who are willing to openly show their support to me & it encourages me to strive to be better & to do better.
I may not be able to repay any of you but I guess the best way to repay your support is to continue my efforts in our education system.

Here's to many many more years ahead & hoping that you won't unlike me because of this blog post. =)

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