That Look You Get When (Some) People Find Out You're A Teacher

On the rare occasion that I'm invited to speak at an event, I dress accordingly. I like to think that I dress well for these events. I mean, I try 2-3 different outfit combinations & ask my wife, who's busy doing her eyes, if I look "speaker-ish". She'd glance away from her round cosmetic mirror for a quick look & always have great suggestions from my limited collection. I am after all a teacher, not a fashion model. Sometimes I do wish that stores will give me free clothes for me to promote on Instagram. I really don't mind tight body-hugging clothing & exposing some of muh man boobs. **sizzle** If you run a fashion label, do holla at me, y'alls!

So I went to this event, right, &, of course, the VVIPs, they spoke first. These VVIPs had their entourage & all following them everywhere like rats following the pied piper. Unfortunately, lunch was at the cafe on the ground floor so, even though, the speakers got to leave first with the VVIPs, pied piper & co fully occupied the elevators.

Since I had to wait, I made conversation with some of my fellow wait-ers. When a lift arrived, I stood next to this dashing young man in a well-fitted blazer & matching trousers. We exchanged small talk about the weather, hobbies, travel, etc. Interesting & lively conversation. However, soon, as is typical in Malaysia, he eventually asked me what I did for a living. I told him the truth. What happened after that was a change of epic proportions.

Before I answered the question, his eyes were bright & interested. There was a lot of positive body language. After I said, "I'm a teacher", the light in his eyes immediately shut off! I kid you not, it was like I flipped a subconscious switch in his mind. He was quiet for a moment. His eyes narrowed slightly & scanned me from bottom to top, as if his brain couldn't comprehend how such a beautiful package of a man was a, **gasp**, TEACHER?!!!

We had a good conversation on the way to this surprising reveal. I swear that immediately after his brain caught up with his ears, he reached for his wallet, flipped out a name card, handed it to me, & said, "here's my card." I took the card & examined it. It would be impolite not to. Oh, he's some kind of junior exec at a massive auditing firm. I said, "I'm sorry I don't have a card." He said, "It's okay. Nice to meet you. Bye." Then, he walked away, leaving me standing there.

It's kind of like when a person has great photos on Facebook & you have a great chat with the person online. But, when you meet for the first time, you don't recognize the person, so when the person actually introduces themselves, you're like, "oh no... What did I get myself into? How do I get out of this?" And you're in such a hurry to leave that you forget that it's a human being.

How many of you have had similar encounters?
Share your stories & let's cry together while we drown our sorrows with a glass of fine pale golden teh kosong. That's my thing. I order all my drinks kosong these days.

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