When Did I Become So Needy?

taken from celebrity.com.au

I need a woman in my life
her touch embrace
the smell of her hair
the twinkle in her eyes
the warmth in her arms

the intimacy of intercourse
dancing with each other
breathing sighs of pleasure
tantric as we join together

I want her to touch me & mean it
I want her to kiss me & mean it
I want her to enjoy me & mean it
I want her to love me & mean it

I need a woman so much
yet unable to settle for just any of such
I need to know that she's my soul
One look is all it takes

I am incomplete
I am needy
I am searching, yearning
I am a man without his woman


  1. Exactly what I needed too!

  2. Don't be mistaken...
    This is not a sexual poem...

    It's the written expression of a man who is at the deepest depths of his loneliness...

  3. come to think of it....i should introduce you to my best friend LOL

  4. ooooooooo...
    maybe you should!

    nothing wrong with making a new female "friend" as long as she's hot like you!

  5. i like it... :) great!

  6. I'm phil's best friend...... :D

  7. Really. Jarod meet Rachel. Rachel this is Jarod. So, go go! Go and have a little chat with each other LOL

  8. This is one of the prettiest poem I've ever read! :)

    I love the honesty it portrays*

    Be strong JK. Cuz if you wait for the right woman, she'd give you the warmth you desire unconditionally*

  9. hahahhaa...

    Phil, the way you said it makes you sound like an auntie that keeps on telling people to go, go, go & make little babies!

    Ada, thanks for your encouragement!
    You're right when you say that it is honest.
    I chose to portray it that way!
    You're also right that I desire warmth...
    Good discernment from a fellow poet!

    Sometimes I wonder if I should just write poems with pretty words & rhymes...
    I realise that my style requires people to do more than just read the words...

    They are required to see from the body, spirit & soul of the character & reflect upon both their lives...
    Not many do... people are in a hurry & many miss the meaning of a text...
    the emotions & desires from whence it was inspired...

  10. Jarod,
    I appreciate poems and no doubt this particular one is a good piece. Just by reading your blog, I could sense your need for warmth, love and affection from a real woman; not just any other immature girl.

    I know you want readers to not only put their feet in your shoes but to also walk in it. On the other hand, for every attention you get from readers regarding your loneliness; the more it highlights your loneliness; the shittier you feel.

    There are several things I would like to say:

    1. I could understand your frustration.

    2. Being single is not a bad thing. Enjoy it while you can.

    3. There is no need to put too much pressure in looking for "the one". If it's time for her to come, she'll come.

    4. From a religious point of view: Is this a punishment from God for what you've done in the past/ still doing now?

  11. Thanks for your advice, Phil!

    Actually, I dont feel shitty at all...
    I'm quite pleased at the responce readers have had to my poem.
    It is clearly something that relates to some people.
    Dont worry, I don't wallow in self-pity nor do I thrive in peer-pity.

    Let me give you a background to this poem so you can understand it more.
    (I have told Shawn this story.)

    I was previously in a relationship with someone I really liked.
    I guess I was not good enough because, after a while, she did not like me anymore & she stopped meaning certain things that we do.

    I tried really hard to win her back .
    But I failed.
    I left the relationship with a large emptiness in my heart that still bleeds today.

    I wrote this poem when I asked myself:
    When did I start to need a woman so much?
    I believe you will understand my frustration & pain now.

  12. I believe you have heard this many times: Men will never appreciate what they have until they loose it.

  13. oh babe. such a heartwrenching thing to read on a saturday afternoon.

    all i can say is that...been there, gone through that saddest phase in life. i had it as bad as you, it took me about a year to really let go and move on.

    but guess what...i found it again, just recently. i found what i lost but it only came when ive nearly given up. the best things ALWAYS present themselves when you're least looking.

    i understand the bouts of loneliness that you feel. trust me, nothing squeezes the sanity out of me more than receiving invites to close friends' weddings and engagement parties. though i had the most amazing time being on my own and discovering myself at my own pace, the loneliness really gets more unbearable as close friends leave to pursue their careers and relationships.

    im not saying that having a woman is essential for your happiness but it sure does wonders adding to THAT happiness.

    my final take? you could be a little picky hehe. and a little too careful, maybe. i dont know. your previous relationship could have hurt you so much that it becomes more difficult for you to find that special someone.

    all the best jarod!

  14. Phil, there are some things better left unsaid.
    Esp through text.

    Trish, thanks for the encouragement!


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