IPBA's 2008 English Language Day

Today I was MC for both the opening & the closing ceremonies for the International Languages Teacher Training Institute's 2008 English Language Day.

The opening ceremony was a breeze because I wrote the script & it was my natural way of describing things & leading the progression of a ceremony.
But that only brings me half way...
To really have a natural & smooth MC performance, I need a partner with the same desire for wit & spontaneity...
We need to have chemistry!
And I had all the chemistry I needed and more!
Aimi, I'm a better man when I'm with you!

However, the closing ceremony was the direct opposite.
It was challenging & it really pushed my ability as a Master of Ceremony to its limits.
I only got to know that I had to take this role the day before.
I had less than 24 hours to look through the script, written by someone else, and personalise it.
I did not attend any rehearsals, so I had no idea what was going to happen during the ceremony.
I wasn't familiar with my partner & I did feel like I was committing adultry against Aimi... hehe...
Furthermore, I needed to be very flexible because during the ceremony, there were many last minute changes & notifications.
There were instances where I had to come up with clever lines on the spot.
What a challenge!
I'm so thankful I did so well...

I've finally learnt to appreciate challenges today...
If I had just done the opening ceremony, I'd think that I'm a good MC just because I did not face any difficulty.
Now I realise what a delusion that would have been!
You are a good MC when you rise up and prove yourself under pressure & under difficulty.
Some people complain about difficulty...
I hope I will have a different oppinion the next time I face a difficulty.

And yes, I admit I made a mistake during one of my made up lines...
The DVD was on last year's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM production...
not Romeo & Juliet...
My apologies...

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