Who Would Love A Guy Like Me?

Who would love a guy like me?

One day at a local club two good friends were talking about relationships.
A: How long have you been single?
B: 2 years.
A: Why so long? I'm sure many girls would love to be with you!
B: No they won't.
A: Yes they will! Ok, look... I'll give you RM100 if you manage to dance with that girl over there. Another RM100 if you go home with her tonight and another RM100 if you guys become steady.
B: Haha... I appreciate what you're doing, bro... but I'm not like that... Anyway, who would love a guy like me? *thinks for a moment* But for your sake, I'll prove my point.

He walks up to a girl at another corner of the bar. A hot young lady who he noticed has been checking him out...
B: Hello! What's your name?
C: Claire.
B: Clarie! Nice to meet you! Ok, I need your opinion on something if you don't mind...
C: Sure, what is it?
B: Would you love a guy like me?
C: Ah, of course! *laughs*
B: *laughs* Thanks for bring so sporting! But seriously, would you? Sure, I'm good looking, I have good hair, I have good teeth, I workout, I dress well, I am well mannered, I dance well and I could even be good in bed... but would you still love me: When I have a lot of female associates, colleagues and friends? Many of them attractive and successful? A few of them may even fancy me. Would you still love me? What happens when work stresses me out? When I just want to be alone? When I can't spend much time with you, can't call you, I'm tired and cranky and you have doubts of whether I still love you? Would you still love me?
C: *thoughtful* Erm... Well... *pitiful* Maybe not...
B: Yeah... Anyway, thanks, Claire! Have a good night!

As he walks back to his table, he accidently bumps into a sweet young lady at the bar and causes her to drop her drink.
B: Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! Let me pay for that and let me buy you a replacement.
D: That wont be necessary.. It's ok...
B: No, I insist! Think of it as a kind priviledge a sweet young lady, like yourself, grants a humble gentleman, like myself, for having done something so disagreeable.
D: *giggles* Ok!
B: Ah, you liked that? *pays the bartender for the drinks he has just served* Here, you'll like this even more! *lifts his cup* A toast to you, my lady, for being generous to me with your beautiful smile... Cheers!
D: *laughs* Cheers!
B: Erm... Before you go... Can i ask you a question?
D: Sure!
B: I'm curious... Would someone as sweet as you be attracted to someone boring like me?
D: *laughs* No, you're not boring... And to your question, I'd say... *pretends to be thinking really hard* Yes! *laughs*
B: *laughs* Then, would you love me?
D: Well... Depends... Actually... *giggles* Well, if you do things right & keep sweet talking like that I might! *laughs*
B: *smiles* Noooooo... Honestly?!
D: Yes! *smiles all so brightly*
B: You can't be serious!
D: I am! *trying to look serious but actually looking very very cute*
B: Well, I disagree. Because when you are looking into my eyes and I'm gazing adorably into yours... I have become like a wizard who has cast a spell on you with my magical words. However, this charm won't last for long because when I look away, the spell is weakened and you'll start thinking: Is he honest? What does he really want? Oh my gosh, how many women has he said these same words to before me? Then, as doubt creeps in, the spell will be broken... The feeling of euphoria and being swept off your feet will completely dissapear! Then, you won't want to look into my eyes anymore because you'll be too disgusted with me! I'll change from prince charming into a sleezy cheating womaniser. With all those doubts and thoughts floating around in your head, would you really still love me?
D: I guess not... Ok, I think I should go now... Sorry... Bye...
B: It's ok. Thanks for listening!

He walks back to his friend...
A: Hey, you chat up two good looking prospects but left them completely overwhelmed and utterly confused! What the heck did you say to them?
B: Well, all I did was open up their eyes! *laughs* Hey, I'm not feeling so good... Let's go home.

After saying so, he turns away to hide a tear... Because he knows that there is no woman in the world who would love unconditionally. Especially not with him. They have too much to lose. He understands why and he accepts it... Women don't want to get hurt because some men give them high expectations... So much of hope that they are afraid of being hurt or dissapointed by them... It'll be better to avoid men like that... Find a simpler fellow and settle down, right? But is less hurt more gain? Will you really be happy?

He leaves without speaking to the girl that his friend initially challenged him to dance with. Not a word. Not even a glance. For he knew deep in his heart that this girl is the type of girl he likes... He would fall head over heels in love with her... His friend knew this too. To be turned down or hurt by a girl like that would be too much to take... A smile from her would lift up his spirit... A tear from her eyes would cause him to tear out his heart... A look of disgust from her would utterly destroy his soul. Because of his fear, he went home. Even though his heart stayed with her...

She turns around and looks at him as he walks out the door. She was waiting to be noticed. Even though she didn't make any obvious attempts at his attention... Her body language spoke louder than words: She sat right in his line of sight & she faced her body towards him. Yet when she thought she had finally had his attention, he gave it to two other girls instead. And when he was done with them, he just packed up and left. She cursed under her breath. She cursed herself for feeling attracted to him... She cursed herself for being weak... But underneath it all, she knew that he was the type of man she liked and she was really broken because he didn't even look at her...

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