Free KBSM/KSSM Videos: Ensure Your Children Are Pandai During The MCO

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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first priority must always be the safety and health of everyone in the country. Thus, all educational institutions are closed in an attempt to contain the global pandemic. Despite allowing for more quality time together with family, the continuously extended amount of free time children spend at home is at great cost to their education.

Teachers and parents are not safe from the disruption caused by the pandemic either. Teachers are worried about their students’ progress while parents are at a loss in finding ways to ensure that the education of their children goes on as usual. In light of this situation, many institutions and organizations have created opportunities for teachers and parents to overcome this interruption. Here's one that is low cost, or better yet, FREE! It might just be the blessing that you're looking for!


Yes, you read it right - it is free for all. Children nowadays spend a lot of time on mobile phones and laptops watching entertaining videos and playing games. These once free-time-only activities have become all-day activities and a waste of time considering the wealth of other productive activities they can be involved in thanks to the technology at their fingertips.

Available at, this is where Pandai Videos come in. Let our kids continue using their devices, with the caveat that they use Pandai as an informative, interactive and engaging supplement for daily consumption!  Kids are already habitually watching videos on the internet; why not expose them to this simple, colourful and intuitive edu website to boost their academic potential during the MCO!

Pandai Videos is the first collection of educational videos from authentic sources in Malaysia organized according to the standards set by the Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran (DKSP) of Malaysian Primary and Secondary Schools. With these videos, your children will not be left behind in their studies anymore - even when school is out!


The clean, organized and simple interface on Pandai Videos lets users utilize the website as easy as 1, 2, 3! In collaboration with experienced teachers, the syllabi for 20 subjects from Standard 1 to Form 5 are available for FREE. The videos are arranged by school-level, subject and topic (refer to the screenshots above).

Without having to go to school, your children can cover school lessons under your direct supervision. Parents, especially if you're tutoring your children, can also make use of Pandai Videos to relearn along with your kids! What a great way to bond! In these times, surely, Pandai is the best tool for parents, teachers, and students to study with.

●    Videos produced by expert teachers
●    Covers 20 subjects from Primary School & Secondary School
●    Confusion-free
●    User-friendly
●    Clear subjects and topics
●    FREE


Pandai Videos is a free initiative from which also has an educational application where users have to subscribe for additional features. For only RM99 per annum, subscribers get to test themselves with our ‘Daily Quiz’, practice their mastery of each school subject with the thousands of exercises we have compiled and will continue to produce, as well as prepare for national exams with trial exam papers from each state and their answers. Finally, the best part is: Pandai has partnering with Kangaroo Math and other competitions too, like Beaver Infomatics and Kancil Science to produce competition preparation material, like worksheets and videos.


Good things are worth sharing. The MCO should never be an obstacle when it comes to education, especially with the kind of technology we have at our finger tips. We all know someone that needs this resource. Take this chance to spread the news; a teacher might be looking to help their students; a parent might be out of ideas for what to do for their kids; a child might be looking for an easier way to access learning material catered specifically to the subjects at their school-level.

It only takes a few seconds to share this, but the effects of your thoughtful action could truly change a life. Lastly, take care and fill your time with all the things that energizes your spirit with inspiration and illuminates the corners of your mind undiscovered.

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Pandai is also available on Android & iOS.

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