Tuesday, October 31

My First Raya In Wellington

How did i celebrate the famous & significant Malaysian/Muslim celebration?

The asian way... FOOD!!!!

I had food at the NZ Malaysian High Commission, organised by the High Commission on the evening of 25 October...
Food was from Satay Malaysia.
koko' rating:
4 out of 5 for really good everything but sucky satay.

The Hall Where The Event Was Held

Food Glorious Food!

Yes, I was in a Baju Melayu & Yes, I am infatuated with this girl...
Isn't she lovely?

I had food at the VUWSA (Victoria University of Wellington Student Assiciation) Union Hall, organised by the VUW B.Ed.TESOL Cohort 1 on 27 October...
Food was from Cohort 1 & 2.
koko' rating:
5 out of 5 for an excellent effort!

You would be amazed if you were there to see the turnout
& the foodstuff prepared!

I attened these above functions but I did not turn up at many invitations to open houses....
sorry guys...
but i bet u hada great time wifout me anyway!

you guys are jz amazing...
i am very honoured to have been remembered and invitied.

Hari Raya is an AWESOME festival!

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