The Word has Become Flesh

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The Word Has Become Flesh
The Amish example: 'Gentle folk' of Pennsylvania living the Bible
Forgiveness is a virtue worth practicing
Amish killer's widow thanks families of victims for forgiveness

Posted: Friday, November 17 , 2006, 7:02
“Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you,” records the disciple Matthew in chapter 5 of his gospel book.

A couple of weeks ago a blooded shooting rocked the Amish community in Pennsylvania. The cold-blooded incident quickly spread throughout the world, sending a warning message of insecurity in the present world. But, the Amish community bounds back with an act that is poised to set a stunning example to the whole world. They have sent the message of forgiveness to the troubled world!

“Love your enemy,” is second nature to the Amish community since the dawn of age, and today the Word became flesh! In the most difficult, most sorrowful, and most impossible moment here comes the light. The Amish people have forgiven the assassin and his family. The teachings of Christ have stood the test; the Amish people have set a model to future generations. “Forgive your enemies” is now no longer a saying, but it has become as concrete as the Earth we are now standing on.

What comes after the tribulations to those who rest their security on Christ? Prayer! Jesus said, “Pray for those who persecute you.” For by human nature the Amish community would have resorted to violence and lawsuits, but they came up and stood strong with prayer. Jesus promised the work of the Holy Spirit for whoever prays for it, and by prayer the Holy Spirit has led the Amish community to forgiveness.

I wonder how the shooter’s wife can fathom the forgiveness the Amish people offer. Here is the testimony, “Gifts you've given have touched our hearts in a way no words can describe…” Who doesn’t shed touching tears of joy upon hearing that!

Never had the Words that Christ brought to men 2000 years ago been so real. Today we witness the dawn of a new civilization, the civilization that the One above has dreamed of since Creation. Today it is no longer a theory; it is not an abstraction of a utopian world anymore. Today it is a fact—that only forgiveness leads to peace.

The darkest hour comes before dawn… and rays of sunlight are emanating…

Teoh Z.Y.

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