My Summer Ideal: The Body of a Greek God

Taken from "Men's Health" - October 2006 Issue

This is my pre-summer jogging plan to achieve my ultimate summer ideal...
the body of a greek God!

Jogging plus a bit of crunching & stretching & weight-lifting at work...
will make this ideal within easy reach.

I'm started on 23 of October & will finish the 8 week plan on 14 of December...
I started Week 2 Today!



Feel free to adopt my plan!


  1. hmmm...i'm just lost for words. like r u serious? if u are, then omg. u will the bomb! hahahahha

  2. too bad u wont b there for me to blow away!

  3. Wow..haven't stepped in here for ages! Good! It's good to see you exercise. :) How's it going?

  4. due to bad weather, i cudnt keep up wif the schedule...
    bt as u can see from the scedule, its very very light...
    less than 1 hr for most sessions...

    im kinda like jogging/walking 3 times a week for around 1.5 hrs a session..
    making up for it & losing a lot of weight...
    muz eat more...


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