My First Game of Mahjong!

After being curious about the game for a long long time...
I finally had the chance to learn the game last night (a few hours ago)!

However, i enjoyed being taught the game more than playing the game!
cz i got a really gorgeous teacher named Jenny!
I love her hair... wavy & long... i envy her...

Also she's jz adorable & gullible...
I pretended to be unable to read Chinese...
Pretended to be a klutsy fool...
Then, gav her a big shock when i won my very first game!

I got so attactched to the game that i went on playing for hours!
It was AWESOME!!!
(hehe... cz i won so many rounds!)

Many thanks to Ester Yap for arranging the wonderful after church get-together party!
Every1 hada blast...
even Jenny who is yt to win a round of Mahjong...


  1. come come! when we're both in kch, let's have a few rounds maybe??? lolzzzz....

  2. awesome,another mahjong kaki in da club~we should have a game one day!

  3. Yeah, guys!

    We shud definately play together although we all know that i will win!

  4. hwahh~so power laa u sifu~

  5. any synonym of awesome: hebat, tere etc.

  6. *gasp*


    i played it a few times but can still never win, nor do i know how to do the formations whatsoever...argh...

    good ler u can play mahjong and win somemore!

    terror! :D


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