B.Ed. TESOL Halloween & Farewell Party

Just a few hours ago the Victoria University of Wellington B.Ed. TESOL Cohort 2 completed a successful Halloween & Farewell Party at Tulsi Restaurant, Cuba Mall.

The purpose of the party was mainly to appreciate the Cohort 1 as well as celebrate their 2 years in Wellington with a great big bang!

The party was a great success partly because me, "RaaaaTak" the Mummy, was an amazing Master of Ceremony or Host of the party.

We started the night off with speeches from Vilo, Intan & Jonathan Newton. (In that order.)

Then, moved on to performances from Aimi, Fauzi & Afzan as well as Shiela & Mass while enjoying our entrees.

Then, we had our buffet dinner.

After dinner, each member of the Cohort 2 will give an assigned member of Cohort 1 a gift. Therefore, in the end, each of Cohort 1 gets a gift.
We also took the moment to acknowledge Kak Intan, Jai & Tasha for their contribution to the Cohort 2.

We began the end with a group photo session...

The Cohort 1

The Cohort 2

Everyone Who Attended The Party


too bad too many ppl were too shy...

It was an awesome party with great food...
wad more cud i ask for?Special thanks to Laila, Hadi & Vilo...
for the hard work put into getting the party organised!

The Mummy & The Nerd


  1. Zombie and Mummies.. are they the same??

    Did you do something on your blog?? Why all of a sudden I can post in your chatbox and leave more than one comments for your blog! =)

  2. Zombies DONT = Mummies
    Thanks for informing me about that...
    Edited my post already..

    I actually removed some complications to posting comments & my chatbox is still d same...
    jz tat IE has problems loading it sumtimes...


  3. hahaha y chose mummie in the first place? and no, i CANNOT believe nesa opted to become a nerd! u guys are very kelakar laaa.. hey, it's cool u guys had that party. we can't really start partying to celebrate anything because we're not off the hook yet! exam is not over! haaiihh...btw, still sad that we don't get to meet when u come over..:(

  4. aww~u shudn't b a mummy laa jarod. neways. how did u eat?? nesa looks like computer engineer.

  5. To Tasha:
    I wanted to be mummy cz its HARDOUT!
    n i do agree its sad tat we cant meet in Auzzie...
    bt well... we'll meet in IPBA!!!

    To ainne:
    y cant i be the mummy?
    when it was time for dinner i look off my head piece...

  6. hahahaha....

    i like te last pic te most!!!

    lols... cudnt stop laughing man.... hahaha....

    he does luk like sumbody in aucky... hahahahaha.... te nerd!!!! except tat he's too dark!

  7. He is da Swan wif da sharp voice & im da Duck wif da deep voice!

  8. It looks like....LOADS of toilet roll...or is it cloth??

  9. 5 rolls of budget toilet paper & some glue...

  10. BREAKING NEWS! There will be a shortage of toilet paper in Wellington for the next couple of months....


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