Tuesday, November 7

I Served Mahathir Lunch!

On the 7th of November 2006, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian immediate past prime minister, was in Wellington, New Zealand...

And guess what?
I Served him lunch!

Venue: Istana Malaysia Restaurant, Allen St, Wellington CBD.
Time: 2pm

Plenty of pictures were taken that day, but due to lack of skill, most are unpresentable...
However, here are some good pictures from that day:

The Seat of Honour
Mahathir's Seat at the VIP Table

Istana Malaysia Interior
Rostrum, VIP Table & Smartly Dressed Guests


The People Who Worked Hard To Make the Lunch A Success
We Slaved For Hours the Night Before to Prepare For the Day


The Floor Staff
The Waiters who Served...
From Left: Nina, Myself (The Handsome Guest Waiter), Kai, Mary (Manager), Nesa & Fauzi


Kitchen Staff
Those who Cooked & Garnished
From Left: Danny (Owner/Chef), Murty (Chef), Morgan (Chef) & Norse (Guest Supervisor)
Missing: Jerry (Guest Kitchen Hand)


Tun Dr Mahathir's Speech

His Speech... Close Up

Group Foto!

It Was An Interesting Day!

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