Da Shugga Daddie Party: Success!

The Shugga Daddie Party was a Tremendous Success!

Even though there was a guest & alcohol ban...
Security opened the sliding main doors for our guests
& showed them to our room...
The RA turned a blind eye but gave us till 12am to finish up...

Every1 came & was merry...
It was an unbelievable night!

Pictures from the Party:

Da Shugga Daddy & PIMP Generating Hype Prior to the Party
Taka, a guest from Japan, is also in the picture.
There was also a ghost in the background...


The Beer Fridge
It is compulsory for guests to help themselves to any beer in the fridge
or snacks on the counter above the fridge


The Bar (Mixer) Fridge
The fridge with supplies for mixing drinks for the guests
There are actually more juices & fizzy drinks still in their pastic bags under the bar!


Our Proud Collection (our Green Label Johnny Walker was not served)
Guests are under strick orders to finish all of the above


Mr Bartender & Mr Dominic from Singapore
The Margaretta cocktail was a favourite that night


Mix Mix Mix
Flame/Heat it up so it rises faster!


Guests Helping Themselves at the Bar
The bar was cleverly made from putting one study desk on top of another upside down


Yo! Bartman!
Our guests had a blast!


Mingle Mingle
Part of the success of the party is due to the openness & friendliness of our guests...
They made it a success!


In the Background is Our Proud 29" TV & 5.1 Home Theater System
as well as Our Duvet-Covered Beds Errected Against the Wall
btw... I dont support Liverpool, my roomate does...
As for me... Forza AC Milan!


The 5 Unicomm Buddies!
From Left: Bart (Holland), Zack (Hawai), Nesa (Pakistan), Kaine (NZ) & Me
We were as tight as brothers in Unicomm...
I am forever blessed by their friendship!

Special thanks to:
Kamlini, for inviting the guests
Jason, for arranging for & providing transport for purchasing supplies
Everyone who attended, for without you, the party wudnt hav been so amazing!

we wanted to finish our alcohol but we ended up having more than wad we started with!


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