Football: Malaysia vs Indonesia Friendly

Malaysia played Indonesia 3pm today at Rotterdam St Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand.

The Malaysian team in their cool bright orange jersy looked a little nervous playing away on Indonesian home ground. Malaysia trashed Indonesia last year on Malaysian home ground, the Boyd Wilson Stadium, but with a new line-up on both sides predicting the result is quite difficult.

In the first half, both teams had similar chances on goal & posession of the ball... and quite fairly there were no goals. The Malaysian team made a lot of mistakes as their unfamiliarity with the pitch stood out. Passess were too short, touches unclean & players hesitating... The Indonesians were naturally familiar with the grounds & were very active running around making tackles & intercepting passess. The first half ended with both teams needing rest from a half hour long contest.

The second half was a very different matter. The Indonesians seem to have lost their steam. Their players were not playing as well as they did in the first half. Their reflexes were not as sharp, their players not running as much as they should & they seemed to lack the intensity they had in the first half. On the other side, the Malaysians played an even better game now that they had a better feel of the grounds. They were literally running all over the Indonesians taking balls from their defenders, running up & down the wings, passing more effectively & making even more shots on goal. It was the second half that gave the Malaysians their 2 goals.

I played attacking right wing back for the whole duration of the game & did extrodinarily. I ran up many times, made a few crosses & assisted the right wingers on several occassions. I did very well defencively as well by gunning down their wingers & preventing passes to and from the wing. An awesome game for this rising star in Malaysian football!

In conclusion, it was a good contest between 2 good natured teams. The game ended 2-0 & with handshakes as well as smiles exchanged. Good win for the Malaysians & lots of stamina training for the Indonesians.

Catch your favourite orange side playing in a 5 on 5 football tournament at 5.30pm every
Thursday at St Nairns Park!

Nesa & I are playing in the 8 man Malaysian team!
Come & be astonished by our play!

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