but only for the next month at most... sigh...
All i am nw is fatigue as a result of a previously sleepless studious night.

I had my ALIN201 exam this morning at 9.30am but at tat time i was strangely energetic and ready to face the great 3 hour struggle!

As many of you know, im not a hardworking man. I have the tendancy to study or write my essays very very very close to the exam date or assignment due date. Having this kind of nature wud cause the normal person to be petrified. But when i got my paper i did not feel fear... there was a queer assurance and calmness in my spirit... somehow i was not plagued by the torment of worry or fear...

The calmness really helped me concentrate on the questions i was working on. I dared not look at all d questions when i first opened the paper... i did not want to be discouraged by the taught of my inability to answer the consequent questions. but as i waded my way down the question paper as well as my pages and pages full of writing, i found that i cud answer all the questions but one! i did not answer a 5 mark question. But tat is very very good considering the ammount of preparation i put in...

Special Thanks:
Thanks to all me friends for all d prayers they have brought before Jesus!
esp: Marian (from Utopia, who even put me on her church prayer list! THANK YOU SO!)
& Thanks to all d friends who gav me encouragement before the test!
esp: Rose (from St George, who texted me in d early morning disturbing my study. Thanks, Jakama!)
Finally and most importantly, i will praise my good Lord Jesus for being there for me! for the supernatural calmness... and esp for letting all that is tested be wad i studied.

The end of this ALIN201 exam is an end to a torture... and tat calls for some kind of celebration.
As the Asian that i am, al-food-lover, i supported the plan of our class rep Elena Kim to go for lunch at Istana Malaysia, the Halal Malaysian restaurant Nesa works in, to celebrate the occasion.

We had a good time... I had Curry Laksa and it was great!
The steamed egg noodles came in a bowl full of excellent Indian chicken curry. Such a good curry one has not tasted in a long long time... It left me craving for more!

However, the Curry Laksa from Satay Kampong, the non-Halal Malaysian restaurant i work in, is better.
Will tell you more in a later post.

For now, do pray for my next exam (MATH104)on the coming Friday...

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