Official End of Trimester 1 2006

Today is the last day of my Trimester 1 and again i say, good riddance!

I had my MATH104 exam at 2.30pm today & jz like my ALIN201 exam it was really touched by Jesus!

As usual I did not fear the exam, it walked in confidently... i could solve all the problems and remember all that i hav and even those that i hav nt studied but learnt a long time ago!

Also i'd like to thank God that the questions were quite interesting & i was so absorbed in solving it that the 3 hrs passed so fast!

If i get an A it will me A for AMEN!!!


~~~~~~~~~~~ Holiday Resolutions ~~~~~~~~~~~
  1. Read sum books or novels.
  2. I have always enjoyed a piece of classic fiction... my fav is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
  3. Get to know NZ better.
  4. Goin to South Island soon! & wana explore Wellington more wif this free time.
  5. Get an 18+ Card
  6. So i dont hav to carry my passport around when i wana do 18+ stuff... ehem...

Note: My holiday starts today & the last day is on 9th of July 2006

holiday also means i update more... hehehe...

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