Prologue: South Island Road Trip 2006

It all started when i was having Yum Char lunch with Christie at a restaurant by the name of Regal Chinese Restaurant. I think this is the best restaurant for Yum Char. The Hong Kong chef's dim sum was seriously excellent!

We were discussing various topics until i talked about my desire to hava road trip to the South Island sometime this year. Christie was deeply interested and i came up with the idea of recruiting several other ppl and going down together to the South Island of New Zealand. She loved the idea and we made plans to materialise the idea!

In the months before our trip, we got a few interested ppl together for a few lunches to discuss the details of our trip.

Yum Char lunch at Eastern Sunrise

Lunch at Istana Malaysia

In the end, before our trip, which will start on 22 June, we got ourselves 7 members & 1 luxury van.


from top right...
1> koko'
2> Tomoko
3> Elynn
4> Nesa
5> Sue Fin
6> Guna
7> Christie

>> Toyota Estima

Our 10 day road trip will take us from Wellington to Christchurch (via Picton ferry & some driving...) to Dunedin to Queenstown to Franz Joseph and finally back to Wellington (via Picton ferry & some driving...).
We will stop at other destinations if we have the time.

Click On Map To Check Out Our Main Destinations
& Our Planned Routes!

In The Next Episode:
Day 1 - From Wellington To Christchurch


  1. eh... tai lou ah, juz how long was d trip anyway? coz i can't really tell from d map. it seems........... shall i say. er. rather .. far? wat did u all do in d car then? slept d whole journey through?

  2. omg, that is soooo cool! i'm sure u guys had the time of your lives! i want to go for a road trip too!! btw, haven't heard from you for quite some time eh? *wink*

  3. = Lulu
    the trip was planned for 10 days...
    most of the time on d road, we slept while driver & co-criver drove...
    and the distance was sooo long...
    it was made worse by the winding roads!
    but the luxury van was seriously good to drive thou... hehehe... & nice to sleep in...
    when you come over u will know...

    = tasha
    hahahaha... wana go on road trip?
    now u regret going to maQ, eh?
    come to VUW la... hahahaha!

    wad do u wana hear me say?
    sweet poetry into your ears on a warm bed while feeding you the sweetest grapes of all New Zealand? *wink*


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