Assignment's End

On Thursday, I handed in my last assignment (MATH104) and had a test (LING223).

The LING223 test marks the end of my involvement with that course. The end of my other two courses will be after their exams on 10 June (ALIN201) & 16 June (MATH104).

I feel so free... Now i hav more space to do wad i wana do!

A few hours ago i got back from watching a late nite Xmen 3 at Reading Cinema!
It is my first cinema movie in NZ! and...
The movie was actually quite good contrary to popular oppinion...
and there is wonderful build up to Xmen 4 in the movie!
hint: dont leave when the movie ends... stay till the credits finish... there is a sweet short video for you!


  1. i didn't no i didn't leave. yeah..i saw the sneak peak. Awsome yea? I waited and waited man....golly..thouhgt there wasn't gonna be anything but like Pirates in the Carribean, i waited. LOL. can't wait for part 2.

    OH hey..i didn't know there's a Reading cinema there. Hey did you take a picture of u holding the tickets, with cheesy peace sign n errmm ermm...SMILE? eheh..quite a remarkable view i suppose..hehehe..

    keke..anyway, all the best in exams..mine's 19th. :p

  2. yeah! i cant wait for the next Xmen!

    btw, i dont take cheesy pictures...
    im sure u will notice that all the pictures i take myself are top class!

    All d best in ur exams!
    Im sure u will do really well!


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