My Infatuation

I hava friend...
he has an infatuation which turned into an obsession...
he is obsessed with Ryoko Hirosue...

She is a Japanese model/actress who likes to do adorable poses...
i think she is does them really well & she really is very cute...
That is exactly the kind of girl my friend would absolutely die for!
For as long as i can remember, he has her on this laptop wallpaper, his V3x wallpaper & he even has a collection of her work...
He will make a very loyal boyfriend! ;)
Inspired by his dedication i decided to find a girl out there to adore...
Im drawn to a Korean singer/model/actress by the name of Hyori Lee.

Although i feel like this is not my thing...
I shall givit a shot!

But i wont forget my first loves!
Jesus, football & food!


  1. I don't know if it was meant to be a funny posting, but I found it hilarious. Sorry if it is offensive.


  2. u should try looking up for risako~!!

  3. To Janice,
    It wasnt offencive at all!
    Very glad u like it!

    To Jessica,
    Risako is cute & all tat but she looks a little to baby for my taste...

  4. I was just saying to that other Xanga-friend of mine, how much I love Hyori!
    Shes so rockstar :)
    Im gonna post some pics later.... you are welcome to vist my page!

  5. If only I knew where your page was...

    Well, I'm over Hyori...
    She never really caught on to me...
    I guess I'm not the fantasy kind of guy...
    I need a woman to love me & be next to me...
    Not a woman to idolise...

  6. Well. Ryoko looks so beauty...
    Ck.. ck.. ck..


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