Match Fixing Scandal In Italian Football League Elite

Several top flight Italian clubs were found guilty of match fixing...
Among them, my fav club: AC Milan.

The board appointed to decide on a proper punishment hav come up with these conclusions after two hearings:

For AC Milan,
AC Milan, who in my oppnion recieved the lightest punishment of all, will remain in the Serrie A as decided in a previous hearing but with a smaller number of points deducted; They start the new season with negative 8 point rather than negative 15.
There was also a punishment on last season's points tally which was reduced from deducting 44 points to deducting 30 points.
With last season's points deducted, AC Milan will not get automatic qualification for the Champions League but will hav to play Chievo Verona in the qualification round.

For Fiorentina,
Fiorentina will start the new season in the Serie A with negative 19 points.
Furthermore, Fiorentina must play three matches at a neutral ground.
The club was also fined 120,000 euros.
30 point penalties were imposed on Fiorentina's points tally from last season, removing it from any of the European competition slots.

For Lazio,
Lazio starts the new season in the Serie A with negative 11 points.
Lazio will play two matches on neutral ground...
and be fined 120,000 euros.
30 point penalties were also imposed on Lazio, thus, removing this club from any European competition slots.

For Juventus,
Last season's Serie A winner, Juve will start the new season in the Serie B with a 17 point penalty; which was reduced from an earlier decision of 30 points.
The last two Italian league titles won by Juventus in 2005 and 2006 were revoked and left unallocated.
The club will also have to play three matches at a neutral venue...
and pay a fine of 120,000 euros.

Poor Juve...
But I do hope the board members were fair and just.

It will be interesting to see wad happens in the new season!
This also marks a great improvement in Italian football where match fixing, an age old problem, has been so openly dealt with!

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