2006 Trimester 1 Holiday Resolutions Report

It has been five days since my Trimester 1 holidays ended...
The Trimester 2 academic week started out quite well with little hicups & problems...
My thanks to a great God & every person tat helped make this possible!


For my 3 week holiday, i had 3 aspirations:
1. Read some books/novels
2. Get to know NZ better
3. Get an 18+ Card

~~ Resolution 1

I didnt read many books in the holiday...
but i took a step towards this resolution by making myself a member of the Wellington Central Library!

To become a member of the library, all you need to bring is a letter with your current address printed on it. Exp: bank statement, insurance letter.

Go to the library during business hours & then follow the signs to the "Membership" counter. There you hav 2 fill a form. After that, the person serving you will hand you your library card and a few brochures. Here, you will notice tat you will hav to pay a meagre sum to borrow certain material. exp: popular books like Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter.

Now go sign up to a world of knowledge!!
havent used my card yet thou...

~~ Resolution 2

I managed to achieve resolution 2 by going on a road trip to the South Island!
Will post on tat trip soon!
Spent around $1.5k thou... now im stricken by poverty...

~~ Resolution 3

I didnt manage to get a 18+ card jz yt due to the 2 week South Island road trip & this busy first week of the trimester.
I hav however, found the number of a nearby Justice of Peace. This person will hav to sign on my 18+ card form acknowledging my eighteen-plus-ness before i can hand it in to be processed.

Will post about how to apply for it when i completed the form and handed it in!


  1. Anonymous16/7/06 14:22

    Heya, nice blog u have here..looking forward 2 reading bout ur road trip!


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