Happy Birthday, Jia Yin the Adorable!

Today is Jia Yin's birthday!Wad did we do to celebrate?

@ RAINOn the Saturday before her b'day we got her to go clubbing with us!

We went 2 Rain.
Every guy bought her a continuous round of drinks that she ended up having to be carried home!
hahaha! we hada great time!

Here are some pictures of the night:

Nesa, Murti & I
Nesa arrived early with Murti & I joined them as the others were late.

Pico & Jay
Pico arrived early as well. Jay arrived late with JY & gang.

Pico & Frank

Taka & JY

Tong, Hana, Amanda & JY
The beautiful ladies who attended.

JY & I
Isn't she jz adorable...
btw... tat was the drink i bought her... she was a little tipsy by then.

@ Arashi KushiyakiOn the Sunday before her birthday, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Arashi Kushiyaki.

It was a great event where around 27ppl gathered to celebrate the birthdays of Jia Yin (31/7) & Chin Kiat (10/8) .

Kamlini, Julie, Nesa, Pico, Rose & I shared to get Jia Yin & Chin Kiat a present each!
- A bottle of Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue EDP for JY
- Framingham Sauvignon Blanc for CK

For dinner, i had a Tempura set & 2 kinds of sake: Kubota & Ozeki (which i walked around sharing due to my dislike of it's taste.)

Here are some pictures of the dinner:

Here is a view of our loooooooong table

Everyone who attended
not in photo: - Jason (he took the photo)
- Kamlini & Julie (they left early)

JY being asked a difficult question about Jason
After dinner we played a game where we put the birthday ppl on the spot & asked them questions.
They choose to either answer the questions or drink sake.
It was FUN!

JY being asked a difficult question about Frank

To Jia Yin:

I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!

May this new year be a year of refeshing where you find yourself in favour with men & cherished by all!


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