Beloved Malaysia...

As many of you will know, I am a Chinese Malaysian currently fully sponsored by the Malaysian government in my persuit of a degree in New Zealand. I am really grateful to my country for sponsoring my studies. I am also very proud of the many achievements of my country.

However, as an intellectual being, i cannot ignore the injustices my country has been actively committing for many many generations. One of the biggest injustices committed by my country has to do with racial benefits. Especially in the area of education scholarships.

Why am i making such a fuss? It's because the government promised a system based on meritocracy. You get it if ur academic & co-curricular performances are good... your race & religion has got ntg to do with your selection. But as the government disclosed recently, this promise is only a half-truth.

"Based on the latest statistics provided by the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Abdul Rahman Suliman, the racial breakdown of receipients was more favourable to non-bumiputeras this year, comprising 23.8% of the receipients. In the past 5 years, it has been consistently limited to 20%."
July 1, 2006
EDUCATION IN MALAYSIA: Scholarship Quotas 2006

May 16, 2006

DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A HATE MESSAGE!I am just stating facts...
How you choose to act is your responsibility...

I choose to make a difference!
Let's continue to intercede for this nation
& keep racial harmony intact even though there is no racial equality.
One day Malaysia will SHINE like a City on a Hill!


  1. Anonymous7/7/06 03:45

    You're right.
    Thank you for pointing out that there is a better way to respond to the injustice happening in Msia. :)

    Let's stand in the gap.

  2. oh yeah~let's make a change..that's one of ur goals right jarod? i'm with you :)

  3. I remember once a person said to me; because I keep on complaining about Msia this and that. So that person told me; don't ask what the country has given you, ask what YOU have given to the country. It makes sense. A country comes from citizens. Without the citizens, there's no country. So I believe we're responsible to fix whatever injustices our ancestors had done.

  4. Yup... I agree wif Ainee...
    tats y im doing this...
    im gathering those who read my blog to pray...
    & keep the racial harmony intact...

    Im very glad tat u wana fix wadeva injustices ur ancestors hav done...
    it is my hearts desire tat when u r in a position of power & when ur peers do nt share ur views...
    that you will stand like a strong tower promoting justice at the face of adversity & compassion at the face of hatred...
    wish there were more like you... & more who dare to make a difference...


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