5 Months in Less Than a Day

"Are 5 Months Less Than 24hrs?"
Keep this question at the back of your mind while i teach you some maths...

I am sponsored by the Malaysian government for my studies in New Zealand.
As an allowance, i should get $724 per month.
However, if i want the government to pay for my accomodations in NZ,
being self-catered, i get 60% ($434) of my allowance
being catered, i get 20% ($144)
Notice the difference between self-catered & catered is $290 a month or $72.5 a week.

I stay in a Studio Double with Nesa.
My accomodations provider, Unicomm, provides 2 plans for those who stay in the studios.
Catered & self-catered.
Fees are,
for self-catered, $170 per week
for catered, $215 per week

Therefore, it would be really wise for me to ask the government to pay for my accomodations because they only charge me a portion of the price, by decucting from my allowance.
However, having only 20% of your allowance is really depressing...

Therefore, a great plan has been adopted by Nesa & i.
If we can get the government to pay for my self-catered fees, we can get 60% of our allowance!
But we want to be catered...
so we will just top up to get catered!

How will this help us get more money?
If we top up, we only have to pay: $215-$170 = $45 per week.
However, if we hav the government pay for our catered accomodations, we get only 20% of our allowance, which is equal to paying $72.5 per week!
Therefore, toping up saves us: $72.5-$45 = $27.5 per week; or $110 per month!
Thus, the top up plan wud b the best plan for me & Nesa!

How did we go about materialising the plan?
At first, i depended on MSD to get Nesa & i on that plan...
but even after 5 months, it was to no avail...
the officer told us it cudnt be done and just told us to switch to the self-catered plan...
We were very dissatisfied because the plan was devised by another MSD officer for JPA scholarship students and he managed to materialise the plan!

Therefore, we set off one fine morning to work out the plan on our own...
First, we went to Victoria University Student Accomodation Services & met Nick Merrett the manager of the aforementioned student service department.
She is the person responsible for overseeing all student hostels, including Unicomm.
We told her about the plan & she said an enthusiastic OK!
However, she said she cannot do anything from her side...
she told us tat we didnt hav to see her actually...
all we had to do was to only deal with Unicomm!
My MSD officer said that Nick was a very busy person and was always unable to make space an appointment wif the officer.
And yet, we jz walked into a meeting with her without the need for an appointment!

So we walked down the hill & met Jamie at the reception of Unicomm...
we told her about the plan & she said an enthusiastic OK as well!
so we paid for the top up & it was settled...

We achieved something in 24hrs tat cudnt be materialised by a Malaysian Student Department of the Malaysian High Commission in New Zealand for 5 months!
"Are 5 Months Less Than 24hrs?"

To the MSD officer:
Plz improve your ability to serve your students...
I do not mind if u took a long time...
Just dont say tat it cudnt be done when it cud be so EASILY done!

and dont get angry because we did it ourselves...
it is only logical for intellectual beings to do things themselves
when someone they are supposed to depend on, fails...

wads done is done...
i forgive you...
learn from this mistake and do serve other students, who may be even more needy than us, better!

To my readers who are depending on MSD:
Do not be discouraged from trying something when such a highly depended and supposedly resourseful organisation fails you...
You shud giv it a try yourself FIRST!

To my juniors coming in next year:
Take note of this so you can get more from your allowance next year!

To all:

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