Denny's Restaurant

It was one of those nights where i didnt feel like sleeping n i was hyped up from jz returning from some sort of meeting with my fellow Christians...

So bored Nesa, excitable Suesday & hungry me went for a 20 minute drive at 1am down to a 24-hrs Porirua retaurant called "Denny's Restaurant".

Nesa had Hot Chocolate.
Suesday had Lipton Yellow Label Tea.
I hada Latte.

Nesa & Suesday shared a Chicken Salad while i hada Millenium sandwich.

The food & drinks at the restaurant come in gigantic quantities...
but the food greatly lacks in taste...

However, we hada good time...
But wont be back for anything other than jz coffee...


  1. Anonymous31/7/06 14:25

    it is a nice blog~
    jz 1 the font...too small stime.
    especially 4my poor english~
    improve next time la~
    c my space if u can read it~:P

  2. For Steph,
    you can actually increase the size of the font from your side...

    search "vision impaired" in the help file of IE/Mozilla/etc.


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