Farewell to Li Shan

Helo! See me & this beautiful young lady?

Tonight i will not write about myself or my South Island trip...
but i will say farewell to Li Shan.

To Li Shan:
Thanks for the honour of praying for you tonight... you're leaving on a jet plane early tomolo morning and im glad i cud say some good things and declare some of God's blessing into your life!
At d same time, I also realise that i dont really know you much... havent spent much time wif you & never really had the chance to.
but from wad i hear and wad i see... you're gentle, sweet, kind and graceful.
I didnt know wad to pray for but after thinking about it and asking God...
I hava promise of God for you...

- Proverbs 16.3
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

You're a wonderful gal, Li Shan...
I know when you get back to Singapore you will be looking for jobs and studying real hard and etc...
Here is a piece of wisdom from the bible, in whatever you do, bring it to God in prayer FIRST... ask Him to bless it... then, go on doing it...
soon you shall see our wonderful God blessing the works of your hands!

Keep God in your heart and the future in ur sights & you can achieve ANYTHING you set ur mind to!

To Everyone:
She accepted Christ recently so do keep her in ur prayers!
You can read about her in her blog:

All d best Li Shan!
May you find all that is good and prosperous in your future!


  1. you are such a sweetie you know that? (and no, i'm not flirting with you! hahaha)

  2. Anonymous11/7/06 01:28

    Jarod, thank you for coming all the way down to stafford house to bide farewell and also doing the prayers for me. Having the opportunity to know you guys made my trip to New Zealand so worthwhile. Thank you for all the nice memories you all gave me. Hope you will have a wonderful and exciting sememter ahead. All the best and do take care. I will miss everyone single one of you. Wish that we can meet again one day and may that day come soon. =)

  3. = lishan & tasha
    thanks for your compliments!


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