Friday, January 9

What A Waste!

The principal of SMK Katibas gave me a call this morning.
Of course, I asked about the amenities & infrastructure available on school grounds.
I was also able to finalise my travel plan.
(The details are in my previous post)

The best part of the conversation occurred towards the end...

Principal: So ah what is your major?
Principal: English ah... gooood?... which university?
Me: Victoria University of Wellington.
Principal: oooh... that one... ahh... Australia.. no, New Zealand, ah?
Me: Yes, New-- **before I could finish**
Principal: **heavy chinese accent** WADD AY WAAAAAIST!!!
Me: ...... er... no la, the country needs me-- **before I could finish**
Principal: Okay. Okay. Nevermind. I'll meet you there on Sunday.
Me: Looking forward to it!

wad ay waaaaist!!!
picture taken from

I think I'm going to love my principal.

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