In The Garden of Eden

In the beginning God created heaven & earth.
The earth was void & filled with darkness.
From the emptiness, the cry of an angel could be heard.
He groaned in pain & gnashing of teeth for a week...
destined for oblivion.

But God does not forsake the contrite & broken hearted.
And God had heard his prayer.
For in the second week of induction...
God said, "let there be INTERNET!!!"
And there was light in the garden of Eden.

Let there be Internet!


  1. At least the internet will serve as your much needed connection to the outside world. Haha.

  2. Jarod, do you have any idea when your graduation day will be? exact date perhaps? coz one of my lecturer in Marjon asked me about this: she is planning to come to Malaysia for graduation and traveling.

  3. Trish:
    Yes, it distracts me from living in the same boring environment for 7 days a week.

    Saturday, 30 May.
    But still subject to change.
    There are many lecturers you can ask in IPBA.
    You should ask them to confirm.


  4. did you ever created this passage all by yourself???
    oh GOD it's freakin funny.
    all the best... ^^

  5. LOL.. well in this day and age, how can one survive without it?


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