Friday, January 2

koko' Will Serve In Sarawak

How do I know which state I'm posted to?
I checked this website & found out.
Then, I called Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri to confirm.
You can find the respective JPN phone numbers here.

How do I find out the specific school I'm posted to?
This is what I got from a phone call I made with JP Sarawak.
They have our namelists & are processing it at the moment.
The deadline to have all Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih or GSST assigned to a school is Monday.
The letters should be printed, signed & mailed by Tuesday.
Expect to receive your official posting letters from Wednesday onwards.
Or if you are extra impatent like me... I plan to call on Monday.

What should I do when I find out which school I'm posted to?
For me, I'd search for the school's phone number & address at this website.
Then, I will call the school & speak to the principle.
I will inform the principal that I am a new GSST posted to his/her school.
I will also provide a rough estimate for my time of arrival taking into account the time used for waiting for the posting letter & travel arrangements.
I will also make any necessary enquiries on lodging & etc.

How much time do I have to prepare myself?
You have a month to report yourself to the school.

Which state did koko' get posted to?
I got Sarawak & I confirmed it with JP Sarawak.

Which school did koko' get posted to?
I will find out on Monday... hopefully.
And when I do, you guys will know right away on my blog!

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