koko' Is Leaving To Teach In UK!!!

Yes, that's right.
The Malaysian government has given me the green light to teach in UK... for real.

UK = Ulu Kapit

JPN Sarawak acted fast & was able to give their new teachers a place within less than 1 week of receiving the name list from Human Resources in Putrajaya.
I'm so proud of them.

Anyway, my school?
SMK Katibas.
A rural school in Song, Kapit.

I did some research and I found out that, although it is a rural school, it has the second highest passing rate for SPM 2007 in Kapit.
Seems like I will be going to a good school after all.
The cream on the cake would be my hefty rural school allowance!

I was also able to find pictures of the school posted on a blog of a previous student.
Check the pictures out here.
The school looks very new & well maintained.

Here is my travel itenary for this Sunday:
AirAsia: from Kuching to Sibu = 1 hr
Express boat: Sibu to Song = 2 hr
School driver: Song town to school = 2 hr

I will share a house on school grounds with another teacher but I will have my own room.
I may have my meals at the dining hall.
There is 24hr electricity, water, limited phone coverage & internet.
Looks like a pretty good place but I will only know the actual conditions once I get there.

Looking forward to it!


  1. doesnt sound too ulu. im sure a great teaching journey and experience awaits you :)

  2. Anonymous8/1/09 15:43

    at first , i thought you can teach in uk when u read the title . but uk isn't in sar . so , i knew that you didn't mean that uk .

    rural school ... like kampung that type ah ? you might see bugs in the classrooms . haha .

    all the best anyway .

  3. Jarod, all the best ! :D

  4. Anonymous8/1/09 18:27

    Good luck, Jarod! Make the difference there! =)

  5. Anonymous8/1/09 18:54

    katibas! i think my senior was posted there last year. his name's wesley. if he isn't there then that means i got his school wrong. haha..anyway, it cant be that bad, just brush up on your iban and you'll survive! good luck! :) - fel

  6. u will do a good job =) all the best koko! ;) the best AND the worst have yet to come! hehehe

    -poh lin

  7. Haiiiiiiiissssssshhhhhhhhhhh.
    Just one request;
    come back in one piece.
    okay baby?

  8. Ulu Kapit??!Did u have to walk to get to the school?I hope not.Kampung Iban tu.take care of urself babe. U'll be getting like thousands of smile from orang kampung.They love outsiders. :)

  9. Wow...
    altho the place is kinda ulu..it is way cool...anyway, gud luck bro~

  10. i know that you will be one fine great teacher! :) go Jarod!

  11. Thanks for your support, guys!
    I can step out into the wilderness in confidence knowing that I have your support & prayer!!

  12. all the best jarod! im sure u can do your best!

  13. u hve to ride a boat? n 2 hours to go to town?? ;(

  14. anyway, i've just see d photos. seem not bad! new place! n u got clean water n electricity 24 hrs !! how lucky! :D

  15. haha~~
    Indeed, I got a really good school to start my career!


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