koko' Is Leaving To Teach In UK!!!

Yes, that's right.
The Malaysian government has given me the green light to teach in UK... for real.

UK = Ulu Kapit

JPN Sarawak acted fast & was able to give their new teachers a place within less than 1 week of receiving the name list from Human Resources in Putrajaya.
I'm so proud of them.

Anyway, my school?
SMK Katibas.
A rural school in Song, Kapit.

I did some research and I found out that, although it is a rural school, it has the second highest passing rate for SPM 2007 in Kapit.
Seems like I will be going to a good school after all.
The cream on the cake would be my hefty rural school allowance!

I was also able to find pictures of the school posted on a blog of a previous student.
Check the pictures out here.
The school looks very new & well maintained.

Here is my travel itenary for this Sunday:
AirAsia: from Kuching to Sibu = 1 hr
Express boat: Sibu to Song = 2 hr
School driver: Song town to school = 2 hr

I will share a house on school grounds with another teacher but I will have my own room.
I may have my meals at the dining hall.
There is 24hr electricity, water, limited phone coverage & internet.
Looks like a pretty good place but I will only know the actual conditions once I get there.

Looking forward to it!

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