Blogging Actually Does Pay

Good News!!
I'm jobless & broke but still...
I made RM50 just by blogging in 2008!!

No, I didn't sell my soul....
No, I didn't write any advertorials...
No, I didn't escort any mak datins...

In June 2008, I signed up for nuffnang.
I gave them some space on the sidebar & the bottom of my blog to display advertisements.
These adverts are screened to relate to my blog content & avoid offending me or my readers.
And I get money with every click on adverstisements.

I'd like to thank my readers for supporting me with their clicking fingers...
With this RM50 angpao, I promise to write more in 2009 & improve the quality of my writing!
I'm on my way to being rich from blogging like Kenny Sia!

Now who said blogging was a waste of time?


  1. Yeah*rich edi!
    can use the money and do your hair and nails..
    Spa as well..

  2. Anonymous7/1/09 07:51

    Whoaaa.. good.. I know whose house to go to during chinese new year in 2010.. haha~

  3. Let's go Hui Sing's metahon with tat RM50? xD

  4. Say.....aren't we supposed to do that Haagen Daz fondue thingy?

    Oh wait. That RM50 can go to my Kuching-trip fund! (which of course, will benefit you most.)

  5. you should belanja those guys who clicked those ads. haha

  6. Haha! Got angpau so nice!! :D

  7. thank God that you did sell your soul huhuhu.


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