koko' Goes To Secondary School... Again

Yes, koko' has gone back to school... again.
Once upon a time, I was there as a child.
This time, I have returned... a MAN!!

ha~~ ha~~ ha~~
This sophisticated education machine was sent "back in time" to linguify a needy generation!

Where am I doing it?
Although it was nothing like what several of my friends have gone through to get to their schools... like wading through shoulder-high flood waters & etc.
Well... My journey was still quite a memorable one.

First, I took a 30 minute flight from Kuching to Sibu.

taken from panoramio.com
Then, I took a 2 hour express boat ride from Sibu to Song.

taken from tropicalisland.de
Finally, I took a 30 minute longboat ride to my school.

Many of you must be wondering what living is like in a UK boarding school...
And today is your lucky day...
Here is my first-hand account of the living conditions in school.

My school is situated along the Katibas river in Sarawak.
The only means of arrival & departure: Boat & Helicopter

Lodging: Yes, I was placed in one of the many 3 bedroom apartments
Electricity: Yes, 2 generators take turns for a 24-hour supply
Piped Water: Yes, unfiltered & untreated river water

Landline telephone: None
Snail Mail: the school has a PO Box in the nearest town, Song
Cellphone Coverage: Yes, Celcom & Maxis on high ground
Internet Availability: Yes, but lacks in reliability, stability & speed

I will only provide my family & some close friends with my newly acquired Celcom number.
This number will only be used when I am in school.
Once I leave for a more centralised location, I will switch back to Digi.

Upon arriving at my apartment, I was pleasantly surprised at the more than minimal living standards.
Although I lack the means to communicate with the outside world, my basic necessities are well taken cared of.
I share a good apartment with a friendly & accommodating housemate who has supplied the apartment with most of everything that is needed.
Cleaning tools, a water filter, company, entertainment...
Thanks, Cikgu Chieng.

Will write more on the school & students in a later post.
At the moment, I am in Sibu: living on the generous hospitality of a fellow teacher's family.
Thank you, Cikgu Nigel Ling.
There are a few necessities that I have to purchase here & then ship over to my apartment.

Yes, there is no MidValley on school grounds.
I have to take a boat into a town or city to purchase groceries & other goods.
Then, I will have to carry everything to the express boat, then to the longboat & then all the way up a hill to my majestic residence.

Oh... oh... guess what?
There is, on my shopping list, a fridge & a washing machine.

Okay, ladies... dont worry...
I have been training in the gym for most of last year in preparation for such a situation.
I'm a very strong man with a lot of stamina!
**ladies swooning over me**

Sorry... It does get a little lonely up there...
These little delusional outbursts help me stay sane...
I miss my squeeze!!

Also, I would like to apologise for the lack of original pictures.
My camera was KIA & we will all have to wait until March for me to get a new one.
Why the wait?
Well... I insist on purchasing my next camera with my own money.
My parents have been more than generous with me for more than 2 decades already.
It's time I learned to stand on my own two feet.

Waiting makes the heart grow fonder...
I cant wait to caress the body of an SLR that I can call my own!!

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