During my school experience in Clyde Quay School, i had the privilage of observing a peotry writing lesson.

The exercise: Finish a peom starting with "as the moon wakes".

I decided to write one too...
tell me wad u think!


As the moon wakes, all is silhouette
The lady is red appears in my head
I cant see her face but know does my heart
her beauty and grace is beyond disgrace

Oh do I long for beauty and grace
Oh how I desire to adore her face
Yet glimpses i get as short as a breath
of beauty and grace beyond disgrace

Her shiny hair flows like the oceans
Her glowing skin excites like a flame
You beckon for me yet meet we cannot
For all is silhouette, the girl of my dreams...


  1. man you sounded like Shakespeare!
    nice poem :)

  2. Heya, it's great to have a common passion : ) Just let me know when you wanna meet up. I realise that although we are both heading to OZ around the same time for the holidays, our itinerary are total opposites.

    On a different note, I am starting my practical at Northland Kindergarten tomorrow for three weeks (unpaid) but I am sure the time spent with these children will be worth it.

    Have an awesome holiday!

  3. have got..huurrmmm..

    -free word order..

    what else? hurmm..

    *hv just had a session on poetry*

    nice one, by the way..


  5. when are u gonna write a poem to me? lol

    it's a beautiful poem dude!

  6. I'll be blowed! Golly! That came from you? :)

    It's mysterious. It's beautiful. I mean it.


  7. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

    I really feel flattered & i shall write more...

    p/s: I shall write u a poem for ur birthday, Rev...

  8. It's a nice one though I know nothing about writing poem. Does this apply to the Chinese girls you met in the club too? *WiNK*

  9. beautiful~
    i always adore ppl who cn write poem ... cos think i dun hv the talent... huhu keep on writing koko'!~

  10. thanks, Jess!
    thanks, Fa!

    but i dun think it applies to any girl...
    it applies to a girl...
    the girl of my dreams...

  11. awesome mate....

    a great poem...

    write moreeeeeeee~

  12. interesting post u have there!

    cheers mate!

  13. glad you like it...
    i do too...


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