Salam Aidilfitri

Eid ul-Fitr is Arabic for 'festivity for the breaking of fasting'.
Those of you who have no idea should really click to read about it from Wikipedia.
Any Malaysians who have no idea what I'm talking about should really go & jump from the tallest building you can find. Seriously.

Shoutout to my IPBA-rian dudes & dudettes!
Shoutout to my Kuching futsal kakis & buddies & buddettes!
Shoutout to my fellow bloggers!
Shoutout to all you Malayisans studying overseas!
Finally, a shoutout to the Muslims in Malaysia!

You guys, enjoy the festivities!
Being the inspirational & influential & responsible & great teacher I am, I'll be here in the middle of nowhere watching over my wide-eyed & innocent students as they study for SPM & PMR.

Sorry for not sending any SMSes, ya?
No line mah!
Can save money oso!

I'll be back at home on Monday evening & will be visiting my Muslim friends in Kuching with a vengeance the next day!

Here's a special message to the 3 hotties I've been thinking about these few days...
To Beef Rendang, Ketupat & Kek Lapis...
I shall be back to satisfy my carnal desires on you very soon!

P/S: Maaf Zahir & Batin!


  1. Anonymous20/9/09 10:02

    You mean you're stuck in Katibas. Poor you, but thumbs up for your dedication. In case you're wondering who I am - I'm an old retired teacher. Your friend, Nicholas, was my student and this Tham gut - I think he's in SMK Song. Hope we'd get to meet one of these days...

  2. Anonymous20/9/09 10:03

    Oops...I mean Tham guy... LOL!!!

  3. haha~!

    Sorry for not sending any SMSes, ya?
    No line mah!
    Can save money oso!

  4. so responsible wor ah kam! watch over those students carefully okie..hehe!tmrw is arriving, soon u will be back to civilisation =D !

  5. I'm so proud of you =)


  6. SuiTuaPui: ah~~ A friend of Nicholas is a friend of mine.
    I'm sure Nicholas will be more than happy to have you join us for one of our lepaks during my monthly visits to Sibu.

    Steph: =)

    PohLin: Responsible leh!

    Trish: Thanks, baby!

  7. suituapui21/9/09 14:03 me anytime: DIGI - 8822 052

  8. Anonymous8/10/09 06:02

    hi jarod..

    i was very captivated by the definition of Eid ul-Fitri that you found..

    well, being a Muslim myself and doing some research about it, that definition is not the right one..

    so, for you and others to know..

    Definition of each word is:

    eid = day / celebration
    Fitri = nature (fitrah)

    in bahasa, we spell it as Aidil Fitri..

    the dimunitive 'ul' does not carry any meaning really.. well, this needs the knowledge of arabic grammar to understand more..

    therefore, Eid ul-Fitri means the day of nature (fitrah). this is the day where muslims are in their nature of creation, which is the state of being a good person.. this is the nature (fitrah manusia) where people are born without any sins.. during Ramadhan, people seeks for forgiveness and multiply their good deeds.. in this month, God gives more rewards and this is the month for Muslims to be a better people.. well, very long to explain really..

    therefore, after doing all the ibadah during holy Ramadhan, muslims generally are expected to become good or better persons. to be in a clean state (which is the fitrah kejadian manusia). that is why on Eidul Fitri, we visit people, greetings and seeks for forgiveness of all our mistakes (maaf zahir batin..bla bla bla..).. this is also to cleanse our self.. to be in a clean state..

    however, the definition or concept that you found on Wikipedia (which is not an acceptable source for academic writing)can be improved to become : a festival or day to celebrate the success of passing through the fasting ibadah for a month. however, that is not a definition.. it is just another concept for Eidul Fitri.

    oaky, that's all. bye.

  9. Thanks for sharing that extra piece of information!
    I'll remember that!

  10. Anonymous8/10/09 15:29

    good teacher.. hehe..

    anyway, when i read wikipedia, it makes me think about the definition of fitri again..

    whatever whatever.. bye !


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