School Schedule for 2010

Here is the school schedule for 2010 from Kementrian Pelajaran Malaysia.
Get your holiday air-tickets now while it's still cheap!!

Semester 1
Sekolah: 4/1 - 12/3 (10 Minggu)
Cuti: 13/3 - 21/3
Sekolah: 22/3 - 4/6 (11 Minggu)
Cuti: 5/6 - 20/6

Semester 2
Sekolah: 21/6 - 3/9 (11 Minggu)
Cuti: 4/9 - 12/9
Sekolah: 13/9-19/11 (10 Minggu)
Cuti: 20/11 - 2/1


  1. Yes....plane tickets to KL!!!

  2. Anonymous16/9/09 23:56

    i read your entry, went to MAS website, then i stared on the screen, i realised that i am not yet posted to any school... LOL...

  3. you are so advanced!

    this is what i like about u. ur blog actually.


    happy holidays!

  4. oh my god~!!!
    thanks for the info!


  5. Trish: I'll start booking my tickets when I get my Takwim for next year.
    Flying + Holidays = Excitement!

    Karya: hahahaa~~
    That was retarded!

    Sayda: Mana ada advanced?
    I put this up 1 week after the schedule was announced!

    G18: It's not that much useful for you. Coz your home is very near your school.
    As for me & some of my friends, we have to fly & take boats to get home so it's definitely very useful for us!

  6. my home isn't near my school...

  7. At least you dont have to take a flight, right?

  8. Arent you afraid that the schedule changes like... last minute?

  9. It has never happened & never will!


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