How To Stay Loyal To Your Woman

Every man has got a favourite food, a favourite sport or a favourite band.
The same can be said about their taste in women.
Look at a man's dating history & you will see that he has a preference for one certain type of woman.
That’s his favourite type.

Some men will go goo goo over girls with big boobies or a tight ass.
Some collect life-sized Barbies.
While I prefer smart girls...
Thinking back, I realise that I have a soft spot for slim, chic, adorably nerdy-looking girls in glasses.
These girls are hard to find in the right combination but once I see one, I'm just not myself!

These girls compel you to step over & make a fool of yourself by saying hi.
Oh, hello. There’s one right there!
Okay, take 3 deep breaths first to calm your nerves & slow your thumping heart.
Now all I have to do is leave my seat & don’t look too awkward as I walk over…
WAIT A MINUTE! I’m already in a relationship!


So what can I do to stay loyal?
What can I do to pacify this fluttering of my heart?
What can I do the quench this fire in my pants?
Especially when my woman is not immediately available?

The answer is simple.
Immediately, give your woman a call.
Pour out your love to her. SINCERELY.
Tell her how much you miss her.
Tell her all the things that you like about her.
After that, I’m sure she’ll have several sweet things to say to you too.

While you’re talking on the phone, move as far away from the new girl as possible!
After the phone call, your desires should subside somewhat.
However, that’s not the end of the story.
Do not feed your thoughts with the other girl.
Busy yourself with something.
An idle mind is the devil’s playground!

Sounds like a lot of work, eh?
Well guys, the truth is staying loyal is NEVER easy…
It takes a lot of commitment & sacrifice.
But let me say that anything you do for your woman is definitely worth it!

taken from
Cheating Doesn't Pay! (Especially When She Finds Out!)

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