What Fasting Does To The Body

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Fasting is not easy...
All through the day, you have an uncomfortable stomach ache & a constant desire for your favourite foods...

This pain & hunger was driving me nuts!
So, I did some internet research.

I found these sites most useful:
Fasting - Wikipedia.org (2008)
The Health Benefits of Fasting - Carol, W. (2002)

And let me share what I have discovered from my research...

I found out that fasting technically begins when the body uses its stored energy reserves.
This is usually 12hrs after the last meal.
Your body will break down: first the food in stomach, glycogen in liver, glycogen in muscles, ketones in fat, protein in muscles and finally the protein in organs.
However, once the body starts using protein stores (from muscles & organs), a person is technically starving (BAD!!).

Cons of Fasting
I tried to look for the detrimental effects of fasting but there are none significant enough to justify mentioning.
Take note that each person responds differently to fasting depending on the levels of toxicity in his/her body. Some people may become sick (headaches, vomiting & faintness) while others feel energized and renewed.
There is also a warning that people should consult their physician before attempting any type of long-term fasting.

Pros of Fasting
Therefore, let me move on to the positive effects of fasting.
Mainly, the healing and rejuvenating effects on the body.

Pros: Healing
The healing effect of fasting is well known. From a scientific point of view, I will share a few reasons why fasting contributes to the health of an individual.

The healing during a fast is mainly motivated by the body's search for energy sources.
During a fast, the body starts to break down its energy reserves.
The body stores toxins/chemicals in fats as a natural defence mechanism. When the body breaks down its fat reserves for energy, these toxins are released and are often expelled from the body in the form of sweat, urine and faeces.

There will also be an increased efficiency in the way the body functions.
Regeneration is more efficient because the body will make fewer mistakes when producing new cells. This results in healthier cells, tissues and organs.
Hormone production is also more efficient during a fast which results in growth hormones (among others) being released more frequently.
The body will also prioritise its resource distribution. Therefore, abnormal growths (like tumours) will not receive full support. They may even be broken down for energy.

Pros: Rejuvination
Fasting also causes the feeling of rejuvenation and extends life expectancy. This is partly because of the healing benefits of fasting mentioned earlier as well as an anti-aging hormone that is produced more efficiently during fasting.

Studies have found that the only reliable way to extend the lifespan of a mammal is under-nutrition without malnutrition.
There was a study in the 1930s on earthworms where a worm was isolated and put on a cycle of fasting and feeding.
This isolated worm was found to outlast its relatives by 19 generations!
This is the same as keeping a man alive for 600 to 700 years!
Furthermore, it was also able to maintain its youthful physiological traits!
If the effect is the same on humans, which may be true due to the aforementioned healing and anti-aging benefits of fasting, fasting may not be too painful to endure.

Overall, I think a properly planned regulated fast is beneficial to a human being because of the healing, detox and rejuvenating effects it has on the body.
Personally, I have been fasting on soild foods during the day for almost a week now and I have yet to experience any detrimental effects.
After the Ramadan, I might plan to fast for a day or two every fortnight for the health benefits.
You may follow my plan but I suggest you consult your physician first if you have health complications (like obesity, high blood pressure & etc).


  1. Anonymous8/9/08 19:07

    wah ...
    teacher you puasa ...
    got lose weight ?
    can tahan meh ?
    jk ...

    your writing ...
    so detailed ...
    i think after reading this ...
    i also " know " how does this feel like ...

    now i eating chocolate ...
    BUAHAHA ...
    you want to eat ?
    JK ...
    jk ...
    jk ...


  2. this is sooo informative and impressive piece, I must say.

    I have always known that fasting is good, but never knew what kind of goodness does it give to one's body. Thanks very much for sharing this and keep up your "rajin"ness to do things that you always do. At least there's a shorcut for people like me! hoyehhh~ hahah.


    is it really, that sushi in malaysia sucks? i remember eating at sushi king a couple years ago, and i thought they were ok.

  3. ahkam koko, warid's here, how are you, wa... fasting ek... hehe, should try not to take the fluid too hehe... anyway, good luck in everything. How's ipba? ok or ko? can't imagine my life there for the next one year... it's so heaven here... visit my blog too if you have time karyabator@blogspots.com. Tagged you already... nice piece of writing too, being a muslim make me ignore such fact... hahaha. Good day and have a nice life..

  4. fasting...

    i thought it just reserve for muslim...

    actully i fasting now...avoid eat any meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb....)

    but i have no extra meaning, just no $ and want to lost my stupid weight...
    anyway, thanks your sharing

  5. Violacea:
    I actually do find myself rejuvinated during my fast!
    And I appreciate food MORE!

    Perhaps one day when you are strong enough to control your urges, you can give it a try!
    The health benefits are worth it!

    My blog is a shortcut for you?
    That's why you're my number 1 fan, right?

    I think that the sushi here is overpriced & lacks the flavour that I used to enjoy in NZ...
    Since you are still there, you should eat MORE!

    I'm not going to attempt the water fast because I am not feeling well lately & my throat is killing me.
    Besides, I dont have a reason to want to fast water...

    Well, people should not be ignorant & do things just because they are told to do it...
    As you grow older, you want more answers...
    You want to gather ilmu...
    You want to increase your wisdom...

    Anyone can fast, dear...
    It is something that humans can consciously choose to do.

    I can fast during the same time as the muslims fast during Ramadan but we will not have the same reason to do so.
    They fast because it is a commandment.
    I fast for health & spiritual renewal.

  6. jarod, make sure you do your research properly before deciding on something very serious. consult a peer reviewed medical journal, i don't think it's a good idea to rely on the research findings from wikipedia and a random website. yes they might find pros of fasting in worms, but you're not a worm. you genetic makeup is totally different!

  7. You're right in advising caution.
    However, I did not only read 2 articles for my research.
    I read a whole lot of website from blogs to religeous sites to health sites to gyms sites & etc.
    The findings have been consistent.

    Furthermore, the two articles I suggested were well written and explains in simple language a lot of the mechanics that happen.
    It gives people a basic idea of what goes on in your body when you fast.

    However, it is only an internet research.
    It may not be reliable.
    I have yet to secure time with a doctor to talk about fasting.
    Know any reliable ones who would do it for free?

  8. i wanted to take a try too.. but i afraid i will be like skeleton so batter not..!! hehe..!


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