Post-Mortem: 1 Maju Group Blog Project

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As many of you would know, I have just finished my practicum at a Malaysian Secondary School.
In this school, I had the opportunity to teach a highly motivated & good proficiency class.
With this class, I have experimented with a writing activity.
This writing activity involves getting the students to work in groups to practice their writing skills on blogs.
I called this experiment: 1 Maju Group Blog Project
I mentioned this in a previous post: My Students Blog Too!

Yesterday, I completed a post-mortem on the experiment.
In this report, I evaluated the advantages and limitations of implementing a group blog writing activity in a Malaysian Secondary School classroom.
The full report can be found at the 1 Maju Group Blog Project Website
I will put up a summary here.

The advantages I observed were:
- Positive Group Work
- Motivating
- Language Enrichment

The disadvantages I observed were:
- Individual Focus Lacking
- Sleeping Partners & Partners Left Out
- Deadlines Not Honoured

I found the group blogs to be an excellent on-going enrichment activity with the advantages mentioned above.
However, I warned that the disadvantages have to be taken into account or the whole activity would lose a lot of its relevance.
At the end, I promised to evaluate the setting of my future school & employ a similar activity.

I would like to acknowledge the willingness of 1 Maju to be volunteered in this experiment.
You have made it a successful one!
I learned a lot about Malaysian student attitudes, Malaysian school infrastructure & the internet in Malaysian classrooms.
Thank you, 1 Maju!


  1. Anonymous30/9/08 09:56

    'Deadlines Not Honoured" always happen in the class...

    Like our homework and project... especially the folio...


  2. That is a disease that should be completely eradicated!

  3. Anonymous30/9/08 13:32

    hi ...
    guess now ...
    we no need have to call u sir ...
    not teacher anymore ...

    the blog project ....
    it was fun while it lasted ...

    good luck in the future !

  4. hahaha~~
    Call me: Jarod.

  5. oooo.... rupa-rupanya u teach at my ex-skul ya?? hahaha... nt bad....
    if i were there... i ll make u masuk tanjung... hahaha....

  6. Anonymous1/10/08 01:03

    cal you jarod ...
    weird lah ...
    need time to adapt ...

  7. aha!!!Jarod koko??

  8. Steph, Vio & Qi:
    You'll get used to it~~
    Or you can call me Jarod koko like Qi.

    yes, your ex-school has become my ex-school as well.
    What do you mean by masuk tanjung?

  9. Anonymous2/10/08 22:41

    jarod koko ...
    kokonut ...
    ha ha ...
    jk ...

  10. Jarod, cn i jz call u jarod if u dun mind me being rude, ehee..

  11. Yes, you are no longer my students...
    You may address me as Jarod.

  12. JAROD?!JAROD?!






    stil thinkn wat 2 sy...



    soly a tchr..ops..jarod..keke..

    didn't mean 2 hurt ur heart..


  13. Or you may choose to still refer to me as Cikgu Yong/Mr Yong.
    I dont mind.


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