Handling Vomit In A Classroom

A student puked in one of my relief classes today.
The best part is I had to teach the class how to clean it up.
Here's the story...

It happened when I was reliving a Form 1 Moral class.
I was busy with my work while a group of students were laughing & joking with each other.
One of them paused to talk a long drink of water.
But before she could finish, her friends told another joke!
She laughed with a chunk of water in her mouth & choked on the water.
The result was a gag effect & semi-digested lunch on the floor.

Initially, I ignored the sound of splashing fluids.
However, I grew curious when the fluids didn’t stop flowing!
I thought to myself, "that doesn’t sound like a mouth of water."
I looked up to find a red-faced girl with vomit all over the floor & especially on her pinafore.
All her friends were just staring at her. Unsure of what to do.
They were staring for a long... long time...

"Does anyone have tissue?" I asked.
Their eyes slowly moved from the vomit-covered girl to focus on me.
Then, they stared blankly for a while before, one by one, they started looking for tissue.
After giving away some tissue, they continued to stare quietly at the poor girl.

"Take her to the toilet," I told a girl.
Then, the monitor & two other girls took the afflicted girl to the toilet.
I went back to my work and waited for someone to take the initiative to clean the vomit up.

But no one did anything.
They just did what girls are best at… talking about problems.
I took a look at the puke. Not much of it.
So I decided to do what men are best at… solving problems.

I walked out of the classroom in search of dirt.
I found it & brought a dustpan to scoop it up.
As I was returning with the dirt, three very familiar girls ran out of the toilet with a bucket & a mop.
I smiled as I thought to myself, “what they want to do is so wrong!”

"STOP!" I yelled as I entered the room.
The girls were just about to start mopping the raw vomit.
I silently walked towards the puke and spread dirt on it.
I needed to dry it first as well as neutralise its stench.

I waited for a while before, with the help of one student, I used two dustpans to scoop up the dirt.
After the dirt was all scooped up, I told the student to take it outside and dump it.
Right after she left the classroom, the girl dropped the dustpan & gave out a loud squeal.
I looked & shook my head thinking, "大小姐 (city girls)..."
She had spilled some on the ground & was afraid to pick it up.

I wanted to wait for the dirt to dry up a bit before sweeping it & then moping the floor.
But my period was ending & another teacher will be coming so I told them to start mopping.
A student came up, dipped the mop into the bucket, took it out & was about to start mopping before I stopped her.

"Does anybody know how to use a mop?" I asked the class and got blank stares in return.
gosh~~ I forgot I was talking to Malaysian school girls.
I asked someone to translate to Mandarin.
Then, they understood and started pointing to a few of the students to their chagrin.

"What do you do when someone vomits?" I asked the class.
I wanted to teach these Chinese girls some English & this was a rare opportunity.
I got them to repeat certain phrases with me &, to check that they understood, I got them to reproduce the phrase in Mandarin.

In the end, these 小公主 (little Chinese princesses) not only learned how to clean vomit up...
They also learned how to use a mop!
Yahoo for their future husbands!

How to clean vomit?
1. Apply dirt on the vomit
2. Scoop the dirt up
3. Wait for the dirt to dry
4. Sweep the remaining dirt
5. Mop the affected area

How to use a mop?
1. Dip the mop into a pail of cleaning solution
2. Dry the mop by squeezing it or twisting it
3. Spread the strands of the mop out
4. Mop the affected area
5. Stop when the mop begins to smudge
6. Repeat from Step 1


  1. Anonymous11/9/08 18:24

    wow teacher not bad ya!
    you can be a professional cleaner liao!
    did you have help your mom clean the house before?
    that was great a man know how to mop the floor and you didn't blur when problem coming!
    yo! 'pei fu'!

  2. I thought it only happens in primary school. Gosh. There are so many things Malaysian teachers need to do. *pulls sleeves up*

  3. ooohhh...~
    pity 1 daya=(

    you can become father d..
    Datin no need to worry edi..~

  4. gd wor...
    Malaysian girl very bad meh??
    I noe hw to do bt lazy...
    U read me blog la...
    I use da wrong way 2 mop da ink...
    same situation a us...
    gd luck 4 tat gal la...
    vomit non stop...
    sudah mati kongtiau...

  5. Better be a cleaner..**JOKING**

    Hey YOU!
    Please don't simply critic US okay?
    Not all of them are.. are.. like what u thought..
    Then u think which country punye GIRLS is good??

    **DUN CRITICY US**!!

  6. Anonymous11/9/08 20:34

    haha sir... seems like u got do the house work...

    i use to mop the house every sunday... now stop n my new maid doing it..

    mum say stop doing house work till i finish my SPM...

  7. haha..its quite funny esp for a girl who vomit in front of guys...they will feel shameful afterwards

  8. Wen:
    I didnt need to help out with cleaning at home because I was kind of spoilt as a child.
    But I am curious & I learn by myself from observation or study.

    Therefore, we Malaysian teachers are more than just teachers.
    We are the metal skeletons that holds together the tiang-tiang negara!

    Was it in 1 Daya?
    Who told you that?

    It's not that Malaysian girls are bad...
    It's just that they are not usually proficient in English.
    And they are not used to thinking on their feet.

    Girls from everywhere have got their own pros & cons...
    As teachers, we have to exploit the pros & work with the cons.

    I think it is very good for a female to know how to do housework.
    It is a pride.

    Yes, she was embarassed...

  9. Children nowadays are so spoilt. lol...

  10. Men as problem solvers? Err. I beg to differ. Where I work, the men start by taking the wait-and-see approach. The women gather around, complain very loudly, then eventually hurry about getting things done. The men continue to wait and see...hehehe.

    I think it all boils down to upbringing. Perhaps girls (and boys) who are raised to do house chores (like the so-called Datin here) would know better what to do.

    You're lucky you have a Mom who has trained you well in the domestic areas! Gosh, I am so LUCKY! Hehehe.

  11. Anonymous11/9/08 23:52

    oh really!
    child! yoyo!
    so smart you can solve this problem easily! not bad har! teacher!
    haha! 1 daya so lucky cx.........

  12. Daahhh!!
    Man is still..still

    dun talk abt this topic..
    a sensetive topic..

    Hee.. =)

  13. "They just did what girls are best at… talking about problems.
    I took a look at the puke. Not much of it.
    So I decided to do what men are best at… solving problems." it's funny and sarcastic.

    I am doing a research on problem solving in group work in Malaysian ESL classrooms for my dissertation, would be glad to share my study with you once i have returned to Malaysia, if you dare to read a 10000 words of writting though... LOL.

    Have a nice day and thanks for the tips too...found it really useful...

  14. Anonymous12/9/08 15:32

    wah ...
    teacher ...
    u use the mop ...
    quite rare for a guy to do such kind of stuff ...

    you use chinese words in your post ...
    fuyoh ...

    erm ...
    so detailed ...
    that time i was passing up the exercise books and ...
    i saw you holding a stick and moving about in the classroom ...
    weird ...


  15. wow, your blog gt so many comments.....
    tat time i forgotted it was u sir, thx for the reminder....hehe
    oo, which class is it? the joke must be funny that the girl choked herself...

  16. Ethan:
    Well... just like in our time...
    Not all of them are spoilt...
    There are still some good parents out there!

    Don't let this get your hopes up too high...
    Women will still have to do the housework!
    Men will help... of course... to supervise...

    "Kami Tolong Dari Atas"

    Yes, they were quite fortunate that a pragmatic teacher was in the class at that time.



    I wrote that on purpose to provoke the older women reading my blog & I guess I have aroused a few of them...

    Oh, do share a SUMMARY of your findings!

    Yes, I am a rare type of guy.

    The funny thing is not the girl who choked...
    I actually pity her...
    She is a cute little thing...

    The funny thing was the reaction of the class & how they didnt even know how to do something as simple as using a mop!

  17. Anonymous13/9/08 21:19

    u ...
    rare meh ?
    erm ...
    jk ...

  18. i know....
    I also know......

    you went KFC that day..

  19. Nah...not all girls are like that. It's probably trauma and disgust that made them didn't do anything (at first).

    Are these secondary school girls? If they didn't know how to use the mop, I....have no comment. Hahahaa!

  20. ShinYi:
    I'm glad that you know...
    And guess what...
    I know a little something about you too!

    They are actually F1 girls...
    Still young...
    But I took them one step closer to being a woman.

  21. ekhem...errr...tcher...u dun hv 2 blame us like dat,lol....~~haha~~ u olso o malaysian tcher...keke... same meh???><

  22. Gosh~~
    I cant really understand what you wrote!

    Anyway, from what I can make out...
    I wasnt blaming anyone...
    I was merely describing the situation.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.


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