The High Competency Award

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As many of you will already know, I am a teacher trainee currently undergoing practicum.
Every teacher trainee in practicum will have to be supervised by a lecturer.
These supervisors will surprise teacher trainees once in a while with visits to check on the trainee & observe his/her lessons.
Near the end of practicum, supervisors can nominate any teacher trainee they think deserves recognition for being outstanding in their teaching.

Soon, a team of secondary observers will be assembled & appointed by the practicum committee of the university.
They will be given the task of scrutinising every nominated trainee to determine whether he/she deserves the 'high-competency' grade.
They meet the trainee, talk to him/her about his/her thoughts on teaching, read his/her lesson plans+reflection+portfolio & they will also observe one of his/her lessons.
If trainees are able to impress during the tough reevaluation, their names will be recorded in the exclusive 'High-Competency' list.
They will also receive a certificate of recognition by the institute.

I was nominated for this award this week.
It came as a complete surprise.
I do not believe in creating a 'beautiful' lesson just for observations so I never went the extra mile when my supervisor told me that he would visit me soon.
I did just what I would do on normal days.
I'm glad my supervisor liked it & saw it as worthy of recognition.

I was scrutinised today.
A team of 2 observers observed my lesson with 1 Maju.
1 Maju was awesome as usual.
They were very sporting & accomodating with the extra observers & they also put in extra effort to be at their best for my sake.
Thank you, 1 Maju!

After the observation, the team & I had a post-mortem.
The feedback I received was very positive.
They did not have much to object of in the lesson.
And they expressed pleasure at what I did today.
They even encouraged me to stay in the teaching profession & move on to teacher training.
My favourite line from one of the observers, "you're an easy one."

Everything looks good for me but I will not put my hopes too high.
Their impressions of me will still have to be put through another round of consideration with the practicum committee.
However, it is a great boost to my confidence to be nominated & so positively commented on by some of the most tedious people in my institute.
I will continue to improve myself in this profession.

To all those who encouraged me & said a prayer for me...
Thank You!


  1. congrats mr yong~~
    u sure u jz did a normal prepare 4 da lesson??bt y i felt like u pt a lil 4 efford in 2day's lesson??

  2. hee..teacher..
    1 maju is jus perfect!!!
    V r so helpful!!!!
    Haa..i like the lesson..^^
    Last but not least..

  3. Anonymous18/9/08 19:11

    congratulations ...
    yeah ...
    u pass ...
    wohoo ...

    who nominate you oh ...
    the person want to play you ?
    jk ...

    why only visit one maju one ...
    the form 4 class dun have meh ?


  4. its great to have ur class students supporting you eh? but you should be proud of yourself because ur trying your best to share you knowledge with your students.

  5. Van:
    I actually planned to do this on Tuesday but you guys took sucha long time to come to class!
    I had to postpone it to today.

    Yes, I love teaching your class!

    I was nominated by my Indian lecturer that used to come observe me teach you.

    The 2 observers happen to want to see me today...
    Today I teach your class so they observe that one.
    It is not necessary to observe a second class so I dont have to do one with the F4 class.

    Glo, Aini & Ethan:
    Thank you, guys!
    I havent received the award yet though...

  6. congrats..
    not surprised at all
    because u always know what you are doing
    and you have so many talents
    in making a classroom interesting..
    well done..
    u deserve it

  7. Anonymous19/9/08 15:03

    the lecturer ...
    oh ...

    i thought you say 3 observers ...
    then ...
    only 2 come ...
    the other one leh ?

    the f4 class rugi loh ...
    jk ...

  8. yay yay yay!
    can i share some credits?
    surely my school anecdotes have given you classroom ideas hehehe.
    so for that, we shall go for a treat!


  9. k la k la..
    it was a normal lesson, it's not an abnormal lesson..
    x need 2 scold me 1 maa..
    sory loo~~


  10. Sheila:
    it is great to have them support you!
    It shows that they like you~~

    Thanks, bro!

    One of them couldnt make it...
    So 2 la~~
    More than enough already!

    Yes, baby!
    Your support & encouragement has helped me a lot too!
    Let me give you a treat!

    I'm not scolding you la~~
    I'm defending myself!

  11. Anonymous20/9/08 12:03

    oh ...
    i see ...

    actually 2 is not enough loh ...
    if one pengsan ,
    the other one can help mah ...
    then ...
    if 2 pengsan ...
    then who help them ?
    ha ha ...

  12. solye for long losting.. jz wanna say WELCOME!!

  13. Congratulations to you and continue to shine for Him. He will bless you when you delight in Him. :)


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