End of 2 Week Fast

After breaking fast at 7.14pm yesterday, I could proudly say that I have completed 14 days of solid food fasting.
However, I shamefully regret that I have to end the fast.
I have been losing body mass since I started the fast.
Even though I think the majority of what was lost consisted of fat, I should stop before I lose more than I can gain back.
I will be taking part in a pageant in November & casting for some TVCs soon so I will need to look & feel my best.

This 14 day fast is the longest time I have ever fasted in succession & also my first fast in 3-4 years!
After completing 14 days, I have found the fast to be very beneficial to my lifestyle & wellbeing.
I think I will continue to enjoy the benefits long after my fast.

Being hungry for the whole day has helped me appreciate food more.
I started savouring each bite & enjoying my food more.
Even the most tasteless & plain of foods can provide great satisfaction.

I have also begun to consciously make more healthy food choices.
I knew that I was going to have limited food intake every day so I decided to make my meals as nutritious as possible.
I significantly reduced my intake of rice & refined carbs.
I made up for the loss of tummy filling with extra vege, meat & fruits.

Having a large group of good friends enjoying a meal with you is a rare joy indeed.
We share laughs & day's experiences before, during & after the meal!
The company of my greatest buddies at the end of the day has been something that I look forward to every day.

Upon reflection, I think that this fasting month may be the only month of the year where some families have dinner together!
I also think that this month is probably the only month in a year when food is truly appreciated.

I had a wonderful fasting experience!
And I would like to thank my Malay buddies for being supportive & accommodating.

To all my Muslim friends,
Happy Fasting!
Sorry I cant accompany you all the way!

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