End of 2 Week Fast

After breaking fast at 7.14pm yesterday, I could proudly say that I have completed 14 days of solid food fasting.
However, I shamefully regret that I have to end the fast.
I have been losing body mass since I started the fast.
Even though I think the majority of what was lost consisted of fat, I should stop before I lose more than I can gain back.
I will be taking part in a pageant in November & casting for some TVCs soon so I will need to look & feel my best.

This 14 day fast is the longest time I have ever fasted in succession & also my first fast in 3-4 years!
After completing 14 days, I have found the fast to be very beneficial to my lifestyle & wellbeing.
I think I will continue to enjoy the benefits long after my fast.

Being hungry for the whole day has helped me appreciate food more.
I started savouring each bite & enjoying my food more.
Even the most tasteless & plain of foods can provide great satisfaction.

I have also begun to consciously make more healthy food choices.
I knew that I was going to have limited food intake every day so I decided to make my meals as nutritious as possible.
I significantly reduced my intake of rice & refined carbs.
I made up for the loss of tummy filling with extra vege, meat & fruits.

Having a large group of good friends enjoying a meal with you is a rare joy indeed.
We share laughs & day's experiences before, during & after the meal!
The company of my greatest buddies at the end of the day has been something that I look forward to every day.

Upon reflection, I think that this fasting month may be the only month of the year where some families have dinner together!
I also think that this month is probably the only month in a year when food is truly appreciated.

I had a wonderful fasting experience!
And I would like to thank my Malay buddies for being supportive & accommodating.

To all my Muslim friends,
Happy Fasting!
Sorry I cant accompany you all the way!


  1. Wow...I salute you for doing 14 days! What did you take since you fasted solids?

    All the best for November! Just curious, what are you gonna be involved in?

  2. Anonymous17/9/08 15:30

    fuyoh ...
    puasa for 14 days ...
    not bad woh ...

  3. hehe..
    me also gt puasa..!! ystday only..
    well, act i started my "sahur" abt 5.30am, den i drink 1 sip of water in skul abt 7 sumthin cz i 4gt 2 drink my laz sip of water in my home..so i was vry thirsty..
    so i pua pua pua till 2pm++..
    cz i realy cnt tahan, all my frens were eatin at da class durin da muslims went 4 prayers..so i & step countdown & both of us shouted,
    "Buka Puasa!!"
    den we eat..hehe..
    1st time puasa lehh..hebat o x??

  4. Janise:
    Oh, I only fasted solids in the day time...
    I consumed solids in the evenings.

    I'm not sure what I will be involved in...
    It depends on who wants to be involved with me.

    thanks, vio!

    Well done!
    But it doesnt count as a fast because its not more than 12hrs since you last meal!
    But... good attempt by Van & Step...

  5. Anonymous17/9/08 21:24

    I fast 1 day also tak bloeh tahan...

    U can tahan 2 weeks...

    check ur mail

  6. wah~teacher..
    not bad lar~~
    great lar u~
    me?need to fast for 13 days more~
    but..its ok lar..
    x fast..x get duit raya~~hehe..
    after got duit raya..
    can buy DBSK album wif Shab~

  7. Pageant? Hehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehheehehehehhe.

    *falls off the chair again*

    Jarod you have me in fits!

    The only pageant you will be taking part in is a pageant of cats. You bring Shadow and I'll bring my Roze. We'll watch who catwalks better, literally!

    But congrats again darls for the 14-days fasting period. Now we can have food anytime I want! Hehe.

  8. Rachel:
    One day you will!

    enjoy the album!

    Dont laugh!!!

  9. wow! congratulations! haha..you took me by surprise by posting this entry because *i really thought it was just a mere saying when u said u wanted to fast* ahahhahaha. but well done! 14 days huh? not bad at all..


  10. Good on u!
    Yeah fasting does make u reflect on the basics in life.. i.e food, water,family ties. I think that's what Ramadhan is for..its suppose to make you feel a lil bit more humble in life ;)

    Anyway, congrats on making it for 2 weeks! ;) But hw is it u've been losing weight, yet the needle on my weighin machine refuses to budge on me! haih. haha

    ps-Jarod.. what pageant? hahah Could it be..Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor? lol ;)

  11. i stop eating at 8pm in order to lose some body mass and working out to lose some carbs. er....anyway, Puasa already?! This is really early this year!

  12. Nayzi:
    It wasnt easy though!

    My friend actually signed me up before even telling me about it!
    It's from a female fashion magazine called Jasmine.

    It aint early la~~
    It's September already!

  13. tcher...i'm fstin 4 30 days ok..u???1 day only...hehe...o can u dafeat me???hehe....

  14. Have you even read what I have written?
    I fasted for 14 days, dear...
    I have no reason to want to fast for 30 days.

    I'm currently trying to work my body into the shape it was in before I started fasting.


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