What Sets My Blog Apart

I've been seriously considering lately whether I should follow the blogger's cliche of blogging about every darn restaurant they've been to.
You know, the ones where they take insanely close-up pictures of the food to show how 'yummy' it looks & share their experiences with the world (be it good, bad or so-so).

I eat out quite often but I do not find a need to blog about every single shop or stall that I visit.
Mainly because I only blog about things that have touched or impacted me in some way.
I've written posts about a few priviledged establishments because they have something there that sets them apart from the others.

This doesn't mean that I wont write about food establishments.
I'm planning to blog about my favorite places for food in Kuching simply out of my overflowing love for them.
I want to expose my love affair with Kuching food to the whole wide world!
p/s: I've got really good taste (oh, I'm so vain) so be sure to check these places out when you're in town!

I write what I want to write.
But sometimes I am clueless as to what I should put in my next blog post...
And I'm tempted to imitate the recipe of the famous ones.

Nah, I dont think I should put in half-hearted pirated posts.
I'll only post something on my blog because I really want it to be there.
Either that or someone has paid me to do it... **hint** **hint**

I think that is what sets my blog apart. I blog for love. I blog for me.
I don't care to much about attracting more readers or being popular.
I don't go around leaving out-of-context comments on random blogs.
I don't want to be the next KennySia.

I want to be me.
This blog is an extension of my psyche on display for those who care.

I think I've attracted a group of readers with a similar disposition.
I've attracted people who actually care instead of those who are blindly following a trend.
And I am thankful for them.
They... No, YOU motivate me to be a better writer / blogger.
I will do my best to be sincere & truthful on my blog for you.

In this day & age, where information is at one's fingertips & almost every tom dick & kumar has a blog, it's time people started blogging with a difference.

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