Minah Gedik SMS Saya

taken from peperonity.com

Malam Khamis yang lepas, ada seseorang hantar sms kepada nombor telefon bimbit saya.
Sepuluh minit kemudian, dia hantar satu lagi.
Alo0. . .

Pada masa itu saya dekat ulu sana mana ada line?
Saya terima lah dua sms tu pada petang Jumaat.
Masa tu saya baru keluar dari hutan nak berimam dan sembahyang la nih.

Saya pun hairan la. Siapa pula dia?
Takde dalam fonbook.
Macam nombor semenanjung aje...
Terfikirlah mungkin member saye kat sana kot.

Oleh tu, saye pun balas pula.
Yes? How can I help you?
Tapi tak da pun reply.
Saya pun lupakan aje la.
Tak kan la nak call. Bazir kredit aje.

Pastu, malam Jumaat pula sampailah sms die.
B0leh t0l0ng i tak?
Konfirm minah semenanjung la ini!
Siapa lagi yang guna gelaran glamer 'I' kan?
Mungkin juga kawan saye so saye play along aje lah.
Tolong buat apa?

Menyamar jd max,bf  aku??
Ape nih?
Masa tu saye sudah dapat konfirm.
Ni bukan kawan saye ni.
Saye pun tanye la dia...
Who are you?

Aku main dail2 je number kw,.. aku shar0n atau pngil cher0n jax.
Minah gedik gatal mane nih?
Saye tak de nafsu nak main benda macam ini la.
Kan saya suda ada ger-fren?
Sorry. Saya tak main benda benda macam ini.

Sekejap lagi die pun reply...
K s0ry m'gngu..k,bye

Ape lah minah ni?
Nak main gedik dengan saye ke ni?
Buat kacau saja lah!

Jelas die tidak baca apa yang saye pernah tulis dulu bertajuk "To Girls who Want to Make Friends with Men".
Kalau ade baca pandailah sikit approach saye.
Saye bukannye mat rempit kan?


  1. Clearly the girl is desperate. hah, at least it was a girl.. :P xx

  2. all in malay . wow . not only you're a *semi* gay magnet you're also a chick magnet . not bad koko

  3. nowadays punya trend of courting guys....hoho....funny reading your blog in malay..haha

  4. hey did you write this all by yourself?

  5. hahahaha... r u sure that the fella is even a girl... hmmm... lol... pretty interesting reading ur blog in malay ;)

  6. oMG i laughing like gila one nieeeh. cos first the gal is hmmm funny, second, im imagining talking to u, listening to you in malay. haha. Gosshhh~

  7. Sarah: Was it YOU?!!

    Vio: Do I 'magnify' you? hahaha~~

    Alice: If I were desperate, I'd probably play along.

    SinYan: Yes, I wrote this all by myself. Impressive eh?

    Felicia: Pretty convinced it was a minah gedik.

    Nisa: kelakar le~~ I wrote this just for you guys! =)

    Fa: Yes, imagine my horribly broken BM with heavy China accent! =)

  8. hahaha too funny ah kam! im impressed tht u even replied her. i don't entertain this kinda of sms at all! you know how i feel about random strangers, psycho-ed men a.k.a men yg gatal nak mampus...haha!

    i used to get a lot of random phone calls late at night which totally freaked me out. stupid-nothing-better-to-do mamats yang suka buat dodgy puffing moaning noises on the phone. the only normal thing to do was just to hang up and switch off the phone. I didn't even want to ask whos this! hahaha

    now i call this type of men,

    "mamat bongok"...=D

  9. hahah!! in bm? wow jarod, wow!!

    don bother to even type one thing to these kind of msgs.. no reply. fullstop.

  10. woah~
    totally impressive~
    if they don't know you're a Chinese,
    they'll probably think that you're a Malay.

  11. is it me, or your the one who type this post using bm??haha..anyway, nice words..bottom line, she's defntly a gedik woman..^^

  12. Hahahahahaahaha.Been loooong I didn't stop here.Hope you are in gd health breathing the kampung air.HAHAHA.

    Kinda miss Kch a lot.So please go to Jln Song and eat all those yummy wanton and kolok me and teh c peng for me.

  13. Some people have all the luck in the world. Nobody ever tried to hit on me...not even via sms! LOL!!!

  14. PohLin: At first it was just a hello. So I thought it was a friend. I have many & I do not have all their numbers. Mana tau ah.

    Izzy: Good leh! =)

    SinYan: I could even be an illegal Indonesian! This girl was playing with fire!

    Fatin: Oh, actually I copied this from somewhere else on the internet.
    Grow a brain!! Of course, I typed it!!

    Pame: How do you know they're yummy? **gasp**

    Arthur: Mana ada lucky? I wasted RM1 sending useless messages. RM1 I can buy MC Donald ice cream tau!

  15. like fa, im rofl thinking how you would actually say those words live. considering how hilarious it was the last time i heard you spoke bm hehe but cute.

  16. did you ask one of your students to write this entry? in Malay... hahaha... (well... good command of language bro)

    lucky you, have a lot of experiences to share with your kids in future... LOL ...

  17. Hehehehehe.

    I wonder if minah gedik knows how famous she has been!

    I thought only us girls get mamat bongoks asking "hai, boleh berkenalan?". Mana tau sekaramh minah gedik pun ada!

  18. for all you know, cheron could be a guy. haha...

  19. Tasha: Don't you just love us yellow people?
    We make your day brighter! =)

    Warid: I got an A1 in SPM BM okay.
    I am considered highly skilled!

    Trish: She's not famous. She's just the flavour of the week.

    Najib: Unlikely. Guys will call. She was quite careful in her smses.

  20. Lol!!! Gedik gile!! :P

  21. Anonymous26/8/14 09:18

    bhasa iggeris dh lah fail..Ade hati nk speaking..:!


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