PMR is Tomorrow

As a dutiful & loving teacher, I will perform the compulsory cliché of wishing you (students) good luck.
Then, I will hide in a secret corner to snicker at the thought of the long awaited vacation time away from you after you go off for the exams.
Oh, the thought of it makes me so...

To PMR students all over Malaysia...
Do your best!!

Be sure to say a prayer before you start each test!


  1. already!? hahaha... PMR... was so long ago for us... :D

  2. all the best to u and ur students! =)

  3. wishing all the best for your kiddos, jarod.

  4. suituapui6/10/09 20:33

    Good luck to your students...and you. You're not invigilating? I know teachers there love that a lot - get sent to Kapit or Belaga and claim a fortune!!!

  5. eh i come to leave comment~ although I'm not a PMR student~


    doing some adjustment etc... hence former blog add not working... but will go back to original once done.


  7. My students were having their PMR and i was away for a kursus!

  8. Sayda: Yes.

    Jane: If it's long for you, guess what it is for me?

    PohLin: Thanks! Although, from their English Paper 1 scores that we managed to get by marking the question papers, they did quite poorly.

    Zam: Thanks!

    Arthur: Nope. I teach 2 F2 classes so my principal decided against sending me away for 2 weeks & disallowing me from buying an Xbox via claims.

    SY: Next year!

    Jane: Okay!

    Mimi: Enjoy the kursus! Learn all you can from it!


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