An Awkward Moment

After 12 days of teaching (I didn't have a weekend last weekend),
I'm now in Sibu for a long-awaited weekend of rest & relaxation...

Well, not quite.
I'm currently working on the school magazine (finishing touches) & will submit it to the printing press tomorrow morning at 8am together with my Big Boss aka. Mr Principal.

Earlier today, I spent the afternoon registering the Police Cadets of my school with the IPD so I had to take the last express to Sibu at 4pm.
There were no seats left & I had to sit on the roof of the boat.
No, not really.

I arrived in Sibu at 6pm.
I went straight to my budget hotel
(Yes, I'm a poor guy without a sugar momma.)
Immediately, I jumped into the shower for a long relaxing warm water wash.

After I was done, it struck me.
Sheet! No towel!
I opened the bathroom door, looked around & true enough.
(I don't bring towels with me. I don't mind using towels from 'reputable' budget hotels. I wont get STDs from towels la, okay~~)

Then, I realised that I had 2 options.
ONE: Go down to reception to get one.
TWO: I could sit there in the cold air-conditioned room & 'air dry'.
It was a no brainer.
I put on a pair of shorts & jumped out the door.

"Ada tuala tak?" I asked.
Lo & behold... There I was at reception.
Dripping wet from head to toe.
Naked except for a piece of cloth covering my 'shy' parts.
It was then that I realised how awkward I looked.

There were 3 guys there.
They stopped & looked at me silently.
One was staring at my manly chest & smiling to himself.

Before the receptionist said anything.
He eyed me from head to toe.
He didn't even hand me a towel, he had to say:
"Ada deposit 5 Ringgit untuk tuala tau."

Do I look like I have RM5 conveniently tucked between my butt cheeks?
"Ya la. Saya pakai dulu nanti bayar la."
He eyed me again before making me walk over to him for my towel.

The question of the day is:
What do you do when you see a wet naked guy.
Wouldn't you give him a towel?
I remember someone from Australia who might.

What an awkward moment.

taken from
My body looks like this!
Well, not quite...
My 6 pack is more like a 6 pack in 1.

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