So It's A Small Bonus

The Budget for 2010 was just announced today & a bonus of RM500 will be given to all mid-level civil servants from the rank of 41 to 52. (I hear that even retirees are getting it.)
Previously a bonus of RM500 was given to lower level civil servants to help with festivity costs.

Only a few hours after the announcement of the new budget, some of my fellow civil servants are already complaining that the bonus is too little.
True enough. Compared to the yesteryears, this new bonus is a midget dwarf.
This really got me thinking...

The first question I asked myself was:
Do civil servants deserve a bonus?
In the private sector, employees are given a bonus based on individual performance as well as the organisation's performance as a whole.
I personally think that I deserve a bonus because I waded through a whole load of sheet this year.
I gave my school 100 & 10 percent.
However, I dare not make the same assurances for my fellow servants.
How much have you done this year to deserve a better bonus?

The next question on my mind was:
Can our country afford to give away large sums of money in exchange for nothing?
Do civil servants realise that there is currently a global economic crisis going on?
Malaysia is NOT excluded.
Just take a look at the numbers from the National Statistics Department (Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia).
The Malaysian budget has already been in a deficit for many many years...
but this year, we've got a super 7.6% deficit.
(A deficit is the excess of national expenditure over revenue. Our deficits were usually below 4%)
Civil servants already cost RM38 billion in salaries this year (& ever increasing each year!)
RM500 is already a lot of money to hand out to so many of us.

Does money fall from the sky or maybe they grow on trees?

Let me end with my last question:
What is a bonus?
A bonus is a gift.
Accept it with grace & carry on.
You'll still get your salary every month.
Plus you will never get fired even if you are a lazy worker!
Oh, the perks of being a servant of the people...
Sometimes you don't feel like a servant at all!

p/s: I'm a proactive patriotic idealistic citizen. I'm gonna take my RM500 & I'm gonna put it back into the economy by spending it on something for my Datin. =)


  1. well this is msia..
    lets see the outcome =)

  2. RM500 is still good enough, given the economy. I expected no bonus at all, what with 2010 being a non-election year.

    Civil servants CANNOT expect guaranteed yearly bonuses because the government is not a profitable organisation. Whatever is given as a bonus should be seen as an incentive for having been productive, dedicated and displayed high level of responsibility (assuming that you have).

    On a different note, Im glad you'll be spending it on your Datin....she will give you a good back rub in return! =P

  3. errr...terima kasih kerajaan malaysia??? hahaha! =P

    anda beri, kami terima??? lol!

  4. I agreed! Being a government servant is very lucky already! Don't have to cari kerja, and got house allowance some more.. :D

  5. Nice that you are still grateful for whatever blessings come your way ;)

    I'm sure your Datin will be very very pleased... hehehe...

  6. Saya yang menurut perintah! ^_^

  7. yeah! 500 is totally not bad. it's not like they NEEDED to give us anything in the first place. yet some people still had to complain.

  8. I'm totally with you...

    I'm just disappointed that people look at education as a big opportunity for BIG money rather than developing our country at large!

    RM 500 is still a lot of money.....just be thankful and please think that there are more people that need that money more than we do...our salary is big enough compared to those who have to suffer working from dawn to late night!

  9. oh yes bro!some people are just morons who cant be thankful enough haha.nway,ur Datin must be excited and looking forward ey? =)

  10. Ya...people are too over-spoilt, over-pampered. Expecting things handed to them on a silver platter and looking at the quality of work done, MANY of them actually do not deserve a sen!!!

    A lot were grumbling away on Facebook and one fella came in and commented: "Stop whining! That's my tax money!!!" And he's not in the civil service, not getting anything!!!

  11. agree wift abe herryan shah!

  12. bersyukurrrrrr..n tingkatkan produktiviti.what u give,u get back.kerajaan bagi tu bukan saje2,nanti2 ia akan merancakkan ekonomi jugak.yong,why ah i noticed that ur opinion n thought is similar to our boss maaaa..hahaha

  13. agreeee...trima kasih daun kladi, ade rezki lbih buat kami.

  14. agree. the country needs some kind of productivity measurement device to determine if certain civil servants deserve any form of bonuses.

  15. KenWooi: See what? What are you talking about?

    Trish: Somehow a backrub doesn't seem like a good exchange. haha~~

    PohLin: Tentulah!

    Jess: Yaloh!

    Nas: Bangkitlah pahlawan negaraku!

    Najib: Not bad rite? I bet you got some good games? =)

    Herry: Yeah~~ The money is NOT for us. It's for the children!

    Jam: I bet she is! =)

    Arthur: Yeah! Sometimes we forget who our true majikan is!

    Fyezura: Good.

    Sharir: Coz I got a boss mentality. Work like an employee, think like a boss!

    Fa: Alhamdurillah! Sedikit rezeki untuk titik peluh pendidik.

    Nigel: Productivity management? I'd rather they not. Probably equals more government servants who get paid to pretend to do work.

  16. kind of agree with you... i just presented my research paper during seminar pendidikan guru dan pensyarah which was held in IPBA. It was actually quite a shame to see how some teachers who have been working for 10 years don't even know how to conduct research, what more presenting their findings. There are lazy people in the government and this people are the one who keep barking about more incentive

  17. but i think its too little la..arghhh.......

  18. Warid: What you say about ppl screaming for more incentives seems to be an apt observation.
    Perhaps they've got nothing else to do but wait for the paycheck & cry like a baby for more.

    En: It is too little for what I do. I think I deserve more.
    What have you done to deserve more?

  19. Re. your reply to En: It's very subjective... That's what you think, others may not think so. It's a dog-eats-dog world out there, you'll see! Everyone thinks they're better than others...even though they're the pits!

  20. I think RM500 is better than nothing, with the economy around the globe.

    I'm thankful of the 'bonus', but I think the budget itself this year is kind of 'hazy', unlike previous years.

    One things for sure, the RM50 service charge over credit card would surely decrease credit cards, and I have a good feeling that banks will introduce measures to avoid loosing customers in due time.

    One things for sure, no increase in cigarette and liquor price this year, and I thought the government should look into making 1Malaysia clinics in rural areas, not in urban areas.

  21. STP: Subjective? No.
    Bonuses should be given out based on excellent or extraordinary performance.
    Doing just your duty is rewarded by a salary every month & job security.

    All they have to do is list out what they have done.
    Then, we can see if civil servants really do deserve a bonus.

    Cyril: Looks like we'll be enjoying more cigarettes & booze! WOOOO!!


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